Having problems burning VCD, Now I need your help :)

Ok I have a new burner 32X TDK, everything was fine with my old burner, now I try to burn my VCD’s via bin/cue, they burn but turn out to become coasters. I dropped the speed down to 12x and even 8X and still coasters, so thats not the problem, I even dropped the speed via the windows settings, Im using Win XP by the way. I have also updated the firmware on the burner and My mobo bios is updated. The burner will burn a data disk or iso, but my vcds wont play. Any one have had this problem or have any suggestions? I was using fireburner and CDRwin and I reinstalled it etc… but same problem.

runnin xp pro
and using nero
no probs m8
i use neros aspi layer too if that helps

only thing i can think of is a faulty version of cdrwin
even after entering a serial number and everything ,
if its a blacklisted serial, cdrwin will shoot out coasters left and right without tellin u
evil feckers at golden hawk
try downloading a version with the crack included in the zip

i will have to join u guys in a game of ut soon
hope u guys are halfway decent

Well everything was fine until I upgraded to the TDK 32X and I updated the firmware, but same prob.

Shit!! I just noticed its not the newly burned VCDs, now my old ones wont play and I tried 3 diff VCD progs. Hmm

Try contacting TDK tech support.

btw, the way to get a faster response is to sound angry, for reasons unclear to me.

I dont think its the burner now, because I didnt noticed my old VCDs dont play either and I pplayed them on the same CDrom Ive always used, then I tried another CDrom I have and nothing, I think its winblows XP

Did the only new thing that could have affected your computer been the installation of a new drive & drivers.

No new drivers, now id ont know if it happened before the installation, just weird. Ill re image it the hell with it LoL


did u upgrade to xp or do a clean install
i thought my burner was going to the pits b4 with xp
i just reformatted and did a clean install and since had no probs
now my other pc with windows 98 is giving me hell

i use windows media player to watch vcds
have u tried registering your burner?