Having problems burning AVI to data-DVD

Hi, this is my first posting and I hope this isn’t a very stupid question:

I’ve been trying to burn a large number of AVI files onto data-DVDs, but have run into an error. I have enough space on a DVD for 25 episodes, and have thus far made about 10 coasters. This is when I’m trying to burn all of the files using a variety of different settings and reading other tips from ppl (thx to all those on CDFreaks); so then I tried burning only the first 5 episodes and it came out perfect. I am now assuming that it is just one or a few files that are messed up, but I can’t tell which ones because I am able to play all of the files just fine on Windows Media Player. I’ve used GSpot to try and find some other errors, but nothing came up. I’ve used both Nero Ultra 6 and Sonic Record Now, but both have stopped when trying to burn that one/few files. My computer specs are:

P4 3.0Ghz
Corsair 1.5GB RAM
Maxtor 120GB HD
GeForce 5700OC 256MB 8x AGP
ARTEC 52x32x52x CD-RW/16x DVD-ROM Combo (Master)
Memorex 16xDVD+R/8xDVD+RW/12xDVD-R/4xDVD-RW (Slave)

I am pretty sure it’s not a problem about processing power. But my question is is there some way I can find the problematic file(s) and, if possible, fix them so I can get on with my life and free up 30GB on my HD?

Thx in advance for any help.

are you wanting to archive/burn the avi files to dvd as data, or are you wanting to transcode the avi files on the fly to mpeg2 so that they finished dvd will be playable as a standard dvd ?

I wanted to archive them onto a DVD as data, because currently its either all on my HD or on 30 CDs, which isn’t very convienent when wanting to watch them on various computers or moving the files around.