Having problems backing up Over the Hedge

I have tried several programs with no luck. I have tried DVD decrypter, Ripit4me, DVDfab Decrypter. Each time I then go into shrink but trying to keep the full movie as I would like to preserve the whole CD. Other movies I just select the main movie file with no menus or such. (Have not tried that yet but might resort to that to see if I can back it up onto a 4.7gb DVD instead of an 8.5 DL…

After I burn the ISO to the HD I then use ImageBurn to try and burn. Each time it tells me that the layer break is not correct are you sure you want to continue. Had this message once before on anothe movie which I backed up and it worked so I said what the heck clicked on yes no luck :doh:

Any ideas what might be going on tried each program I have and now have 4 bad DL DVDs :sad:

Any suggestions will be greatfully appreciated… :clap: :iagree: :clap:

Just so others know YES I OWN THIS MOVIE just trying to back it up so the original can be put up and my daughter can play around with the back up…

If you want to stay with freeware and you’re willing to try another DL, I’d recommend that you burn the .ISO with Img. It’s the best burn utility out there, particularly if you ripped with Ripit4me/FixVTS and dvdd.

Personally, if you want easy and flawless DLs, I’d use Fab platinum. The full retail version is available as a 30 day free trial. It has a “clone” mode. Stick the source disc in one drive and your blank DL in the other, click clone and walk away. Your basic “set it and forget it”…just like ron popeil… :bigsmile:

Seriously, I cloned a bkup of this movie with platinum…flawless.
Just an FYI, in common settings, you can check or uncheck
"Remove layer break"
In clone mode, leaving it checked/unchecked won’t matter.
It will preserve the original LB regardless.

Hope this helps.

Thanks I will try the 30 day trial and if it works I will be willing to buy it as there are newer protections out there…I on the other note did use Image burn to burn the .ISO with no luck…

Yeah, I caught that…I’m not familiar with “Image burn”. I was referring to Img by Lightning UK…same outstanding developer who gave us dvddecrypter.

yep same program I just called it Image burn it is listed as ImgBurn though…but still did not work with that… :frowning:

Ok…gotcha…just never heard it called that. Hard to keep track of all the “lame” software out there. As a matter of fact, I don’t try. I just assumed it was one of “those”… :eek:

Good luck with platinum, most folks love it.

Not sure what is going on…I used the clone of the DVD but when it goes to play in a stand alone player it starts but then soon after it starts skipping or freezing… Any ideas?

Anything I should have clicked under preferences? I had it set to recommended for speed of copy also noticed did not set up to record as DVD-ROM for DVD+R/RW dvds could this be part of the error?

Yeah, actually at this point, too many. We’ll need some specifics such as…
MID (media code) of DLs…you can get this from Nero CD-DVD Speed
Burner - make/model, burn speed.
Are the errors reproduced when viewing from your hdd?

I would uniformly bitset to dvd-rom when using +R, +RW,+R DL media. There’s really no downside to bitsetting…serves to increase compatiblity.

The media type is Ridata (ritek) 8.5 DL 2.4x I have been using this media now for over a year with no problems.

The DVD RW is a Lite-on DVD Multi Recorder which can do DVD-RAM and has litescribe. I have just recently updated the FIRMWARE to the latest release.

I know you said that you’ve had good luck with Ritek DLs, but I can’t recommend strongly enough that you dump them. Some of the RICOHJPN sold as Ritek (such as RICOHJPND00) are marginal at best and yes, you may get some decent burns from these, but I wouldn’t recommend them (yes, I’ve used 'em). Others, such as Ritek D01, are simply crap.

The only DL media you’ll see recommended here on cdf and most other forums, is verbatim +R DL, MKM001, or the more expensive MKM003. If you look for sales, you can usually grab the 001s for $1.50-1.60 each.

Take a look at this link for info re: media code and quality.

Updating your firmware is good practice and while it usually increases media compatiblilty, this doesn’t necessarily occur.

Download Nero CD-DVD Speed and click on the “Disc info” tab. It will give you the MID, your burner model and firmware. It’ll also give a ton of info by running “benchmark”, “disc quality” and “scan disc”.

As you provide more specific info, the better our responses and usually, the quicker someone will post a solution.

Take a look at the attached image:

Ok Thanks I will DL that but the Writer I have is the one you have listed there on the Lite-on. Only difference is I think my firmware is a step up from that one. Might be wrong not at that computer at the moment…