Having Problems backing up Movies Using Memorex DVD+Rdl



I Have a Lite-ON DVDRW LH-20A1P, I brought some Memorex DVD+Rdl I’m using Nero 7 Vision. the software reads the DVD+r and acknowledged the DVD+rdl size I add the video file it reads it well and decodes it well but when it begins to burn it says The disc not supported.

Weird thing is the first movie I did burned great…

afterward I tried to do second Disc it burned and then said burn Failed! this is beginning to become costly I wasting discs… what can I do I have 2 25 cases of these discs.


Buying them was a bad idea, memorex DL media is made by ritek, ritek makes some pretty crappy DL media, should have got verbatim!


My advice is to return the disks as defective. If enough people do this, maybe we’ll see fewer of these threads.

We get complaints about DL media every day in these forums. Usually Memorex, or TDK, or Sony…any of those that use the Ritek or Ricoh DL disks made in Taiwan.

The only DL media we recommend as consistently good and easily found is sold under the Verbatim brand.


The advice above is solid.