Having problem writing to disc


I’m having a problem writing to discs using dvdfabgold 4. Ive been using this program for a while now to back up discs — but i just loaded a dazzle dvd recorder to my computer — and now i cant get my dvd fab to work anymore. DVD FAB copys, but about a third the way thru the writing process it says “process failed” and stops. I’m sure the dvd dazzle changed some of my settings, but i’m not sure where to start…any suggestions? I am running Vista if that helps any.

Same media you’be always used…no new spindles or change of brand etc.? Firmware up to date on burner?

no changes at all, except loading the dazzle recorder and software onto the computer. When I take the dazzle recording software off, dvdfab works fine…but i’m not sure what changes to look for…any help or suggestions is appreciated. I may end up returning the dazzle recorder…but I’d rather not.

Failing in the burn process would indicate a problem with your media or a drive that is going south, what brand are you using and what is your burner brand and model number?

Maxwell dvd-r for the disc. I have 2 dvd writers, a pioneer , i’m not sure of the model its only about 1 year old and whatever brand came with my gateway, also about a year old… I have tried both drives for writing, with the same results.

might want to try another brand of disc…those Maxells could be bad. CMag rubbish sometimes.

I’ll buy some different discs tomorrow, …thanks for the suggestion.

Good luck…I recommend Verbatim.

Not sure the media is at fault here since the OP said…

[QUOTE=newbieneedshelp;2069933] When I take the dazzle recording software off, dvdfab works fine…[/QUOTE]
But it is only .02 cents :slight_smile:


I’m having a problem writing to discs using dvdfabgold 4. .[/QUOTE]

You really should think about upgrading to verion 5, you will need to send for a new registration key

do you know how to manage your startup programs? :slight_smile:

if not, get ccleaner ( freeware from http://www.ccleaner.com/ ). then from ccleaner click on tools – startup. and disable entries related to dazzle.

edit// also looks like you have to have a device connected to USB to use dazzle dvd recorder. also unplug this device. if you need to use it later just plug it in before you open the dazzle program.


I suppose it could be something with Dazzle, but my bet is on the media seeing as though the burn completes up to around a third of the way through. Looks like if Dazzle was doing some commandeering it would even allow the burn to begin…I could be wrong though. I’ll be interested to see the outcome.

I’ve got my fingers crossed for all of us. :slight_smile: