Having problem with Independence Day

Ok, having similar problem like the one I had with The Firm. Independence Day 5 star collection contains only anamorphic widescreen, no full screen on disc one. I put it in my dvd player and it plays like it should, anamorphic widescreen. So I try to rip it with ripit4me and dvd shrink and it is showing up as 4:3 letterbox. Also when I play the dvd on the computer in media player it looks the same, it looks squished like someone pinched the frame. It doesn’t make any sense, the disc is pristine and it is mastered as anamorphic widescreen, plays fine on set top dvd player. Is there something with dvd drive on the computer that is causing this? What can I do?
I have been ripping my collection, about 300 titles so far. This title and The Firm have done this.

Some movies are like that. I recently found out that True Lies is like that even though it says widescreen on the case. I have quite a few that claim to be widescreen but are not. I correct this by converting them to widescreen with DVD Rebuilder Pro which does a great job. I never noticed these movies until I bought a widescreen tv. Now I’m going through my whole collection to weed out these movies.

Well this really isnt the case. This movie is anamorphic widescreen and it shows this when played on set top player. However, when I rip it and try to convert to mpeg2 it showing 4:3. I just tried dvd fab decrypter and it showed 16:9 on the titles and even in the preview window, but I tried to import the ripped movie into dvd shrink it shows up as 4:3 letterboxed? Crazy!!! This makes absolutely no sense. I even imported one of the vobs that plays widescreen in media player into video redo and that shows it is letterboxed.

Has no one ever encountered anything like this?