Having Problem With Dvdshrink,help Pls

hello tech mates. i have been using dvdshrink for a year now but didnt have any problem b4. now i am having. normally i use dvdfab to get the movie in my hard disc & then use dvdshrink to burn them. but for the last couple of tries all the movies i have burned doesnt play in my dvd player but plays in the computer. when i insert the dvd in my dvd player it starts from somewhere in the middle of the movie. i cant even rewind!!! but the same dvd works fine in the computer.
i am using NERO 8 to burn with shrink. is it the cz of the problem? shall i still use nero burning engine or switch to vso? what is this vso?at this moment i am using clonedvd to burn & those dvds r working fine in my dvd player.
help pls…

Why do not you try ImgBurn. As you noted DVD work being burned with other software.
Nero8 is a new product and looking at the past releases, it will take few updates before everything works.

First what are the software version your using? And have you gone the the dvdshrink forum and check there to see if anyone has had the same problem your having? Also what kinda movies are the last movies your referring to? I don’t know about Nero 8 but they do have a forum on nero you would best go there as well to see what people have to say about nero 8. Being that Clonedvd from slysoft is working there is a chance of software conflicts going on or a menu selection is being selected? If clonedvd is working that would be the setup you should use until you can resolve or located what software is causing the problem.

thanks to both of u for so quick reply.
to [B]CDuncle[/B], i have not tried ImgBurn. has it got the facility to shrink dual layer dvd’s to burn in a single layer disc like dvdshrink? is it better to have than dvdshrink?

to [B]coolcolors[/B], im using dvdsrink 3.2, the last version till now. the dvdsrink forum is a bit weak & not that resourceful i found. the movies were KINGDOM OF HEAVEN,BOURNE IDENTITY,OCEANS THIRTEEN, etc.
the setup is the same as before i used. i even reinstalled it. but same problem. maybe it is NERO 8 which is causing the problem. i used NERO 6 &7 b4, no problems.

what i do normally is just taje the dvd & copy it in my harddisc with dvdfab. then i compress it with dvdshrink & use the backup function to burn in my dvd (selecting burn with nero).
now im using clonedvd.
thnx for ur reply guys.
i am burning BOURNE IDENTITY with clonedvd now. will let u know if it works as the previous one with dvdshrink didnt work.

Just make sure you have Nero 8 updated as well…but since I don’t use Nero 8 but I have Nero 6 for now suits my needs…but clonedvd can compress the dvd9 to dvd5 keeping all menus and layout if that is what your looking for…just make sure your media is burned at a slow speed. Only think I would say to consider is to get Anydvd which decypts the protection in conjunction with the Clonedvd functions…Also forgot to mention if you see better results with the older nero…I would stick with those…but the choice will be yours to make…I myself will stick with nero 6 for time being…


Use DvDFAB and save your output to HD ( Which you have been doing)

Use DvDShrink and edit your image save to HD as an Iso. ( Check the image )

Use Imgburn to burn it to disk.

You don’t need to use Nero at all.

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ImgBurn does not compress file it only burns. This software works well with Shrink.
What I would suggest to burn DVD-DL for movie which is over 6.4GB or use different tool for compressing, Shrink was never very good for high compression (that is from its author’s comments).Try DVDRebuilder.
ImgBurn is excellent for DVD-DL burn. Do not use Nero for that, unless they fixed it, it had problem locating correct layer brake.

to all of the tech mates above, thanks once again very much. the dvd burned with clonedvd last nite is working fine.

[B]coolcolors[/B], i didnt have problem with nero6, so i think nero 8 is the culprit here.

[B]platinumsword[/B], thnx for the suggestion.

[B]CDuncle[/B], i will get DVDRebuilder. cz, the compression is the main thing to do well to copy a dual layer into a single layer to get a good quality.

thnx for all the valuable suggestions mates.

There are other active threads on this and other forums regarding sudden lack of compatibility between DVDfab and DVD Rebuilder / DVD Shrink. This issue seems to have appeared with the release of DVDfab and persists thru beta. Some say that the problem goes away if you use version, but I don’t have that one to try. I gather that the bottom line is that some of the newest features of DVDfab, while very nice as long as you work entirely within DVDfab, are causing incompatiblilities with third-party re-encoding or transcoding apps. In the specific cases of Bourne Ultimatum and Harry Potter Order Of The Phoenix, after a bit of research on the forums, I strayed from my usual choice of DVDfab as the ripping program to the old standby RipIt4Me. It appears that all went well. I successfully burned Phoenix to a DVD5-R which played just fine in my standalone. Bourne ripped okay in RipIt4Me and crunched okay in DVD-Rebuilder. Nero complained about an unreferenced, empty .VOB file (sorry I didn’t think to save the details, but Nero will identify it). I simply deleted the .VOB, and Nero burned the compilation without complaint. I’ ve not yet had the chance to watche Bourne, but will post my results after I have done so.

In my previous post I said I’d follow up on Bourne Ultimatum, copied as full disc with menus and extras.

I did a quick check on Bourne, and it appears to be playing fine. I didn’t watch it all, but I browsed all the menus and flipped thru all the chapters of the movie and extras, and watched the first few seconds of each. No problems. :bigsmile: