Having problem with burning/watching DVD9's



I have a Nec 3500A and use DVD decrypter, shrink, dvd2one, nero with bit-settings and still are having problems being able to watch a movie afterwards. The movie starts out fine then all of the sudden it STOPS?? I have no idea why. Then go to sceen selection and start back at the same point and it plays a while and then STOPS again? Can anyone help me with this issue??
I’ve used Verbatim +R’s and Ritek DVD9 +R’s and switched the bit-settings on NERo 6 to DVD-ROM burn. Any help would be appreciated. I’ve made about 5 coasters.

I have no trouble with single layer media just the dual layered…


it’s probably as simple as your dvd player not being able to play dvd+r9 properly, even with the booktype changed to dvd-rom.


I’ve burned in both file and ISO mode? It happened on 2 dvd players though?