Having problem in converting from .h264 to avi

I hav an HD 720p movie in a .mkv file.I want to convert it to avi so that i can play on my philips DVD player.I used mkvextractgui to extract audio and video from it.The video is in (V_MPEG4/ISO/AVC) format having H264 as extension.When i use avc2avi to convert the .h264 file to .avi,the resulting video becomes 20-30 minutes shorter than the original movie.The frame rate of the movie is 23.976 and i keep the same in avc2avi also.
Kindly help plzzzzzz.

Also if there r some other options plz suggest.I want the quality of the video to remain the same as much as possible.

If you have the Haali splitter installed, you can use AviSynth to import the video stream into Virtualdub, then convert to xvid or divx avi.

You’ll need the xvid or divx codecs installed also.


thx a lot. it worked