Having Problem editing an AVI



Here’s what I want to do, edit an avi movie, clip the credits. Simple enough…

I’ve tried Blaze Media Pro, and every movie I load does not show on the screen. I tried VirtualDub, but it required a plugin (PDVcodec) to open an avi, but even after I installed the codec, and restarted the program, it still didnt want to load. Now on Nero Vision 4 demo, I dont see an option

Another problem i’m having is with Nero, When I choose the video file to create, it shows 4.37 GB out of 4.38 GB. When I try to burn, I receive an error stating that the cd does not have enough memory/room.

Now, I realize that I might have got the wrong plugin for VirtualDub or maybe just dont know how to use Blaze Media Pro. Nero could be acting up because it is a Demo, any comments?
My next attempt will be to use nero to auto-create chapters and just delete the last chapter, I dont see any highlight options in the nero vision timeline editor and it wont play :frowning:

Am I just unlucky?


Don’t know what problem you’re having with VirtualDub, must be some odd codec then as it normally works fine. You could also try VirtualDubMod, might work differently.

I think deleting a chapter in Nero will only delete the chapter marker not the actual chapter.

You could just create the DVD Movie file (IFO,BUP & VOBs) & then use DVD Shrink to trim the end of the movie.


If I convert it to to work with DVD Shrink, will I lose any data by converting it back to avi/mpeg? Not sure if Nero works with those, probably does.


I thought you wanted to burn a DVD movie after editing out the credits etc. That’s why I suggested this route.
Where did the converting back come from?


Personally I think you are using the wrong program. I use WINAVI and if you try the 14 day free trial you will not want to go back to any of the programs you mentioned.

Link: http://www.winavi.com/



I thought I would have to Change it back to AVI to burn it. Never used DVD Shrink before, so… now I need to learn how to make an IFO.

clgerow: Thanks for the input, yet another program to try out. :rolleyes: but can it edit?? It seems Winavi is just a converter…

I’m just going to convert the .avi to dvd and see where that takes me. Maybe it’ll do something to the file so that I can burn it with Nero.


While it does do conversions I have had little need to use it that way.

The speed and quality of the editing is what has me hooked on WINAVI.



You know what, I am sitting at my work computer answering these questions and have just realized I have really messed up answering your questions.

You are right, WINAVI converts only.

My editing program that I love is VideoReDo, not WINAVI. In your case you would need both WINAVI to convert the AVI to either DVD format or MPEG format, then use VideoReDo to edit.

Again sorry the the brain freeze on my earlier replies.



It’s not really clear what you are trying to achieve, beyond that you have some reason for wanting to trim the credits from an .avi file. If that’s all, just use Boilsoft’s AVI MPEG ASF WMV Splitter. I think it’s a 15day trial.

Are you trimming the file to fit it on a cd for a DiVx compatable dvd player? You should run Avi Fixed (comes with K-lite codec pack or just google it) after trimming if you still have playback problems. Remember your standalone DiVx player may not support all .avi files either.

If you are in fact trying to make a standard dvd, and you still want to trim the credits after you convert it, you can trim those with DVDLab or tmpengc dvd author among others.

EDIT: Having re-read the thread twice more, I think I may understand now what the problem is. Is this your first time doing something like this by any chance? Some basics might help;

  1. An .avi file is a compressed container for audio and video. There are many different types of .avi files. To play these on a dvd stanalone they must be compatable with that player. Most dvd players do not play .avi files at all.

  2. To play a film you have an .avi of on a standard dvd player, you have to convert it to dvd format. WinAVI is the fastest and indeed my prefered program to do this, but you will find lots of suggestions including free alternatives if you read around and use google.

  3. Nerovision Express does indeed convert to dvd but it is currently making files too large to fit on your disk, and I take it this is why you are wanting to remove credits! You can customise the output size by changing the bitrate in the options at the bottom. It will show you what size the new file will be at the bitrate you put in. Try to keep it around 4Gb and no larger than 4.7Gb. Just change the bitrate (custom) by taking a few hundred off of it and see what it says the new file-size will be.

  4. A dvd is made up of a VIDEO_TS folder and an AUDIO_TS folder. The VIDEO_TS folder contains all the movie files and the files that tell the player how to deal with them. Whatever program you use to create these folders, you burn these to the dvd and it should play on your standalone. You should be able to burn straight from Nerovision Express after conversion though.

If this hasn’t answered your question, or you have further questions, post away. Don’t forget you can learn a lot from looking up things on google as well, and from reading the relevant sections of this and other similar forums.


Okay, I want to thank everyone for their help. I Used WinAvi to convert the avi file to a dvd file(VOB etc) and it worked when I burnt it with Nero Vision. The Conversion split the avi into two parts.

I did not think about changing the bitrate as I am still new to the process, but I will keep that in mind next time. Very helpful tips d_dog. I am doing my research, but there is just too much information sometimes so thats why I post.