Having problem backing up dvd with new laptop

Dell Model Inspiron B130

Software same as my desktop which works. Clonedvd2, Anydvd
Burnable Media use same as my desktop which works no label on disk offic max.
Laptop Burner is a TSSTCORP DVD ± RW TS-L632
Firmware DE03
Region Code set to 1

Problem when I insert to my my home player in won’t start, just spins and tries to open but can’t.
Software settings are the same as my desktop again which works.

Posting a burn log will give some insight as to what might be happening.

Not sure but I may have figured out the problem I have been using +R with no problems on my desktop, to play in my home player. This worked fine. This is the same media I used from my laptop but would not play in my home player. Tried a -R and it worked fine not sure what the problem is but OH WELL it is working.

Thanks for looking at this.