Having Problem backing up DVD movie...help please?



I am kinda new to this…I started backing up my DVD movies last month, then suddenly one day I wanted to finish my backups and I opened the programs and went through the process as usual and I got an error message…the message is “Reporting invalid address for write during recovery - trying to continue. write error - code 03 0c 00 [write error] - info 0 - csi 0” the estimated time is 2 hours to burn, and 2 hours later it says the same thing, i left for work one night and left it on and 12 hours later when i returned from work it still said 2 hours. im not sure what to do anymore, i thought it was the pc, so i rebooted, i’ve reinstalled the programs…can someone please help me? The software that i am using to back up my movies is dvd decrypeter, copy to dvd and dvd2one. i’ve also tried nero 6 and a few others, but all of the programs are doing the same. i would appreciate any help that u can give me. thanks.


Try some different discs. Update firmware and/or ide drivers if available. Make sure DMA is enabled. If you have another PC you can stick the burner in to test if it is the box or the burner.


Also make sure that you don’t have any packet writing software running (Nero’s In CD) and make sure that no programs are trying run when a DVD in in your drive (Player softwares,etc.)