Having PIO MODE problem with external usb dvd burner


I purchased an external enclosure for my internal USB dvd writer (LG GSA-H10A@N). When I connected the “new device” to my old comp, it is reading the dvd movies very slowly, my guess is that the device is in PIO Mode. How can i activate DMA for this device?

USB-connected devices doesn’t have PIO or DMA mode.

If the connection is slow, probably it’s because your computer have USB1 ports and not USB2, or because the firmware is locked to rip only at slow speed.

To check USB connection speed, you can execute a burst rate test with cd-dvd speed. Simply, insert a disc on the drive (NOT a blank one), and select menu “Run Test” --> “Burst rate”.

Yeah, i’m using USB 1.1

Interface burst rate: 1MB/sec (1064 KB/sec)

The only solution is to get a card with USB2 ports then :slight_smile: