Having issues with Verbatim

I have a LG HL-DT-ST DVD-RW GSA-H60L DC08. I have always used Sony DVD-R disks and have had no issues. I thought I would try Verbatim DVD+R disks because I have been informed that for quality, and long lasting copies that I should use Verbatim. Is there a compatibility issue with the two, is there a setting I need to change or am I just doing something wrong?


Maybe if you tell us what you know about the problem, that will mean that we will know a lot more about the problem & might be able to help more than this rambling sentence.

I have gotten a couple different errors with burning, but I may have figured it out. I think that Verbatim are a much more speed sensitive disk than the Sony disks I used to use. With the Sony I could burn at top speed of 16x but with the Verbatims it seems that I have to turn my speed down to 4x even though the disks say they are 8x.

General rule of thumb is to burn at half the maximum rated speed of the blank, but you still haven’t given us much to go on. Do you have a burn log you can post?

LG’s really like Verbatim 16x +R, or at least all mine have (including my older E10N external) - however, as Beef said, half the max speed (8x for 16x discs) should work well.

I burn all my 16x Verbies at 8x, never had a dud disc from my LG yet (and it’s getting on a bit now hehe) :slight_smile: