Having issues with a 1640

Greets all. I got a hold of a 1640 and have been pitting it against my 1620 for quality scanning purposes. The 1640 is having serious issues and I don’t know why. All my test disks were burned with the 1620… IDE 80 wire with the 1640 as master and 1620 as slave.

The attached images are an example of the most radical difference I’ve gotten thus far but the 1640 ALWAYS gives worse results than my 1620 out of the 5 disks I’ve tested so far.

I’ve got a long process of elimination planned out. Going to try switching drive configurations. Burn some disks with the 1640 and then compare test results and burn some disks with a 115d and compare test results. Would the 1620 favor it’s own burns? It could be a number of things I suppose.

The 1640 has to constantly slow down to read DL’s… I’m thinking it’s probably hardware related. Dunno tho. I can post some TRT’s if need be. They look like what you would expect from looking at the quality scan for the 1640 below. Really bad…

Any comments as to what might be happening? Thanks all.

What program are you using for the burning?

If you’re using anything other than Imgburn that could be your problem. Don’t use Nero to burn DL media always use Imgburn for that task. Post some TRT’s. I had a situation long ago that if I attached two 1640’s on the same ide channel the drives would burn weird. When I unattached one of the 1640 and used another drive other than Benq I had no problems.

Interesting. I do use nero to burn everything.

I’m not sure how my burning software would be the culprit tho when my 1620 can read the disks fine but my 1640 has to constantly slow down.

I’ve replaced my IDE cable with a new one and just had the 1640 connected by itself. All different jumper settings on both primary and secondary channels. DMA is enabled in the bios and in Device Manager. The 1640 still has read problems as the pictures from my first post show.

I’m not too sure what else it could be but hardware related. I’m still trying to figure it out tho.

I will have a look at Imgburn tho. Thanks for the input. Below is a TRT using the 1640 with the same DL disk used on the Quality Scans. I still have my 1620 disconnected. I’ll hook it back up and do another TRT using it.

O.k. Here is a TRT of the same disk using my 1620. Looks good. Seems it has to be hardware related with the 1640, no?

Or maybe when the read speed get’s too high on the 1640, it starts to choke on reading the disk… Still don’t know why the 1640 has to spin down constantly tho…

This whole thing has got me slightly confused. Any insight/opinions welcome.