Having freezing problems copying Life is Beautiful

I tried using any dvd with dvd shrink and nero express to copy the movie.
The movie copied but I get some freezing half way through. I have tried this with 4.7GB dvd-r and 4.7GB dvd+r. I am using a Nec 3520a.
Can anyone suggest a program so I backup the movie onto a dvd+r?

it’s not your choice of program but most likely your media.

please download nero cd-dvd speed and insert oneof your blank discs into the drive. go to the “disc info” tab and tell us what it says under media ID or manufacturer ID.

also what speed are the discs and what speed did you burn them at?

only burn media at its rated speed and MAYBE a step lower for poor quality media. too slow and too fast are no good.

what firmware revision do you have on your NEC drive?


  • use quality media
  • burn at the rated speed of your media
  • keep firmware up to date

and your burning problems should disapear.

The manufacturer is CMC and the code is CMC MAG F01 for DVD+R 4.38 GB for capacity. The disk is rated at 4x speed. I have tried burning at 4x speed and 2x speed and get the same problem on Life is Beautiful. All other movies give me no problem. I am using Liggys firmware which is 1.UF.