Having Audio Issues With Slysoft/Clone DVD 2

I have run into audio issues recently when backing up my DVD movies. I have been using a Plextor - Px716a DVD Drive and the most up to date versions of Clone DVD 2, Any DVD, and Deamon Tools.

When burning a movie onto my hard drive, I use DVD Decryptor and Any DVD. When burning to a disc, I use Any DVD, Clone DVD 2 and Deamon Tools. The problem I am having is that once the burning process is complete, I’ll play the new disc and for whatever reason, it plays with the director’s commentary on as a default and I am unable to turn the commentary off. I have not always had this problem and I’m not sure what I could be doing different unless it’s due to some type of new copy protection that I am unaware of. I try to set my Audio in Clone DVD to the minimum settings so that I have the best image quality that I can get. Those settings are set as listed below:
*Audio Streams - English Dolby AC - 3/2
*Subtitles - English
*Audio Language - English
*Audio Channels - 2
*Audio Encoding - Dolby AC - 3 & DTS
*Subtitle Language - English

I would greatly appreciate any advice on what could be causing this problem and what I could do to fix it. Thank you. :bow: :bow: :bow:

The reason you are getting the director’s commentary is probably because you aren’t choosing the English Dolby AC-3/6 audio stream, the AC-3/2 or AC-3/1 audio streams are usualy the director’s commentary and the AC-3/6 audio tream is usualy the movie soundtrack, so try choosing the AC-3/6 audio stream and everything should be ok.

Hope this helps!

Thank you for the help, the advice you gave me fixed the problem. :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: