Having an issue between PSU, MOBO, and/or AGP VIDEO CARD. PLEASE HELP AT MY WITS END



Ok so first off, Hi, im Vid, i have a problem with my pc that im having a really hard time solving. Here it goes.

I have a P4 2.79Ghz, a 250WD HDD, and a Radeon HD 3650 AGP video card. please dont make any rude comments as to the types of hardware im using. Also im running 1.5Ghz of RAM @ 400… My problem is that i recently bought WoW and have been playing a bit here and there. A few weeks ago i went to change the game resolution from 800/768 to my monitors actual size, 1680/1050. About 20 minutes later the video card just stoped responding, how i know this is cuz i could still hear my game being played in the background and I could still move around and hear the sounds… so i rebooted and everytime i went to try it, it did the same thing. so i changed the res back and it worked like a charm… i got to reading and talking to others and thought maybe it was getting too hot so i bought an Arctic Cooling Accelero L2 Pro cooling system for the card along with some matching thermal paste. After changing the cooling system on the video card it ran much colder but the problem still happend… I ran a benchmark software on it and when it got to the 3d part of the testing it stopped responding. So back out i went to speak to others about this and next we came up with maybe its the psu… I looked on the side of my existing AOpen 350 psu and on the 12v rails it had 8 amps… so i figured well that just isnt enuf, so i went and bought a brand new still shrink wrapped, INFINITY Enermax 650w psu and got it home, went to install it and ran into a problem right away… the 24 pins didnt fit my board and wernt like i had seen before this one didnt have the 4 removable pins… so i made a call found out there was a 24 pin - 20 pin adapter and i got it. when i hooked everything up… the psu powered on and the light on the mobo came on and all the fans came on but nothing booted up. Than the psu clicked off and the green light on the psu changed to red. So i shut it all down, unplugged everything, cleaned all the connections, tripple checked all the connections and re-tried it. still nothing happend. i put the old psu back in n it works fine cept i cant play my wow at a better resolution. Also for kicks… i wanted to see if it was just that game or anything else so i borrowed a copy of dirt 2 from a friend and as soon as i got into the game, the video card stopped responding again… im really stumped everyone. please help me.




Just looking at reviews of the 3650 when it came out it seems that video card doesn’t have a separate power connector. It draws power from the AGP slot. So I tend not to suspect the power supply even though it is not the best brand and is very weak on the 12v line for most modern systems. I’m not sure anything running AGP can be described as a modern system however.

May simply be a faulty video card.


Sorry i guess i forgot to mention that part, the card does infact have the power hookup on it and i have a separate 12v rail running to it so not to have any power loss. but thanks for the quick reply, i really appreciate it, the card looks like this one here, but i have the huge cooling system on it now, but ya i do have to plug in from the psu to the card.


Well you are back to square one in your troubleshooting then. You either need to test another card in this system, or try a better psu that actually works for you ( I recommend the Corsair CX400W as a relatively inexpensive, yet high quality psu).


Are you saying the Enermax is not a good psu? its a 650watt and the 2 12v rails have 28amps and one has 30 amps. from what i understand this is what im supposed to be looking for?


You said it would not boot up anything. If the psu doesn’t work and the old one does, it would lead me to suspect the new one as being faulty.

This doesn’t happen to be a Dell computer by any chance? Dell had a proprietary plug in for the main power on many of their motherboards back in the P3 days, but I was pretty sure that was stopped by the time the P4 processors were released.


oh having the psu screwed up never even crossed my mind… i was thinking i may have hooked sumthing up wrong or sumthing… is it possible that my board can only support at or atx or atx-2 and my psu is not the right one? now uve got me worried… But thankz


Well it is possible that you didn’t plug in the 4pin ATX supply from the psu to the motherboard, and that caused some problems, but I assumed you knew which plugs from the old one went on and could go by that to connect the new one. The new connector is probably 8pin by the way, or 4 + 4, but will fit the 4pin socket on the motherboard.

There are some differences between modern psu’s and the old ones, but that is primarily amperage on the 12v lines. However, there is less wattage on the 3.3 and 5 volt lines on new power supplies compared to the old ones and very old systems rely more on those rails than new ones. Also, the -5v line has been dropped almost entirely since it is so rarely used on modern systems. If you have an old computer that needs it however, it might be a problem when putting in a new psu.

Check the figures on the 5 and 3.3v lines on the old psu and compare them to the new one.

Edit: By the way, your system is new enough it shouldn’t be affected by the -5v line absence, and I’d be a little surprised if the values on the 3.3 and 5v lines from the Enermax would be enough to cause problems on a P4 system either. So, I’m basically just shooting in the dark trying to figure out why it isn’t working on your computer.


Well you are the only person so far to have responded and i HUUUUGELY appreciate it, i have everything plugged in as you mentioned and yes i seen how they were plugged in before but i already knew how to put it together… i just remembered though i have a board without a cpu or anyting on it, but it does have the 24 pin connector… would i b able to just hook the psu to that quickly to see if it will do anything differently? or would i have to get a cpu, ram,?

you are right though my old psu has the -5 line on it and the new psu doesnt.

thanks some more :slight_smile:



If you don’t have a cpu, ram or video card in the other motherboard you should get a [B]lot[/B] of warning beeps, but it should light up the led’s on the motherboard and run fans if you have any hooked up. If there is no fan hooked up to the cpu fan header, it may shut down quickly.


ok well i did that and nothing happend, the light on the psu just turned red immediately and the board didnt light up… im startin to think the psu is dead… :frowning: now i have to make an hour trip to return it :frowning: so enermax is outta the question any ideas on a different type?, preferably with removable rails :slight_smile:



Removable rails? Perhaps you mean a modular psu? Good brands for psu’s include Seasonic, Corsair, Fortran Source, PC Power and Cooling (expensive), and some of the Antec and Enermax models. Don’t know what all you will have available in the UK.

Good luck.


UK??? i may have some wrong info in my profile if you think im from the UK… im from Ontario Canada, but thanks again for the info, im gonna get on that asap. once again i really appreciate you brainstorming with me…


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:slight_smile: It says Cornwall as your location. Wasn’t aware that there was a Canadian city with that name.

You’re welcome for the help, such as it was. Let us know your progress on the problem.


Ok so update time, i got a vehicle to make my trip to return the Enermax psu i bought, and switched it with a corsair hx650w.

im still having the problem with my video card, however, instead of the video card just stopping, the entire pc freezes up now… any ideas?