Having a nightmare with 811s

I’ve been looking for an answer to this problem on here but with no results
I have a lite-on 811s and have just upgraded my firmware to the DR8HS0R but knoe i have major problems with the end of the movies i burn ( they keep freezing up) and i never had these problems before.
Is there anything i can do like backdate my firmware? I really need some help on this one as im so stuck and would be greatful for any advice.
i’ve been using -r x4 media since i upgraded the firmware

Many thanks in advance


I also use the 811s - and the quality of the burns isn´t very good.
With -R media the results are even worse. Best results I achieve with the good old HSOK firmware and +R media from TDK.

Use the firmware on my site to go back to HS0K, as the Liteon firmware will not allow you to do this. See my signature.

Don’t use the inferior -R’s. Use +R media. Much better!!!