Having a nightmare ! want to create a bootable cd-rom to update my bios

Hi I am trying to update my bios as I am wanting to do a CPU upgrade. I have downloaded the bios update files from my motherboard site, but they are for flopy disk which I dont have.

I have been searching the net for some kind of bootable cd software that would allow me to add my bios update files and it would create a bootable cd image so I can burn with nero but I cant find anything any were.

any one got any ideas what I need to do ?? I am finding this a total nightmare and 3 hours of searching isnt finding anything.

thanks for any help !


what cpu are you from, to?

Hi mate going from 3200+ to a X2 4400+

U have probably tried that, but if not there is an option in Nero to create a bootable CD (through Express). It places some DOS files on it so u can boot in dos and then run smth else.
What mobo do u have?

what mobo is it? I have an asus motherboard, and i installed the cpu and the mobo automatically recognised it, i then installed the drivers for it once the computer was booted up and all was fine. I went from a 3500 amd to a x2 4600 amd.

Hi mate my modo can only be updates via the bios I looked in to a simple update like you mentioned but it doesnt support it.

what motherboard is it??? You shouldnt need to update the bios for the new processor.