Having a mare with files on DVD data disk

Hi everyone!
my second post so i am all new and helpless! :frowning:

My mate burnt off files on to a DVD rw using nero…
i get home try the disk, it shows up as half space used - however when i open / explore the disk - no files :confused:

does anyone know whats going on? i thought perhaps it hadnt been finalized, if that is the case - can i finalise the the disk? i have nero but its an old version Nero OEM suit… and it will not recognise any files on that disk either ???

i would appreciate any help… as i really need these files :sad:

Maybe try with isobuster…

[QUOTE=chef;2294426]Maybe try with isobuster…[/QUOTE]

ooooo what’s that?


Hey chef…

i have downloaded it and it seems to have worked… i think, its found something,:clap: what do i do with these…? do i highlight and extract ?? where do they extract too ? sorry to be so dull :o