Having a crackle problem with burned CD's played back on Lite-on LH-20A1L06c

I used nero express 7 to burn a couple of copies from store bought cd’s (burned to Verbatim Vinyl CD-rs). The original store bought cd plays back fine in the Lite-On burner.

The copy of these cd’s play back fine in every other cd player I own including my other SATA burner, but when I play the copy back in the Lite-On burner it was recorded with, there is a consistent crackle and hiss on every track.

My firmware for the Lite-on is BL05 (I know a newer is available), and the dfrive was purchased at new egg (the retail box version).

Why would a burned cd from this drive play back with a crackling problem in this drive only ??? Is anyone else having this problem ???

I’m stumped.

Hi, LiteOn drives are not very good cd burners. Maybe your disc is affected by the jitter bug. Could you perform a disc quality scan and post it?

Could be a bad drive. I would replace under warranty. NewEgg will change it out quickly.


Yeah, I also thought of Nero. You could try with Burrrn! or ImgBurn, both free alternatives which will burn your audio CD’s.

Or if it’s really the jitter problem, there’s “test” firmwares available from LiteOn. You can scour through this thread: http://club.cdfreaks.com/f44/lite-20a1l-audio-cds-237685/ . But be careful what you do if you’re not experienced with flashing LiteOn drives.