Haven't received Reg Key or any email

This is really intended for Slysoft,

2 days ago I ordered with my credit card AnyDVD, but haven’t received a confirmation email. A screen said I could download the key but there was no link. I suppose it’s because of the time it takes to process the order, but I haven’t heard anything.

When you ordered did it say your order was being manually processed? If it had progressed oaky you should have received your keys on a download screen, a conformation number and minutes later an email with the keys also. Did you provide a valid email address?

Yes, it said manually processed. There wasn’t a download screen, no link to download, no email. It’s been 48 hours. I’ve sent an email to support with the order/reference number (no “confirmation” number), that was 24 hours ago. Still nothing. My email address is valid, it’s a hotmail address.

As it is being manually processed it may take a couple of days (I believe Slysoft are a very small team) - do you have spam filters on your hotmail account? If so check them. As your payment is being manually processed I would guess from other posts in these forums your card won’t have been debited with anything yet - as soon as they process your order and charge your card, they will email you keys.

I know it can be frustrating waiting on a reply, but for a faster turn around time, we would all be paying an increased about of $$$'s for the program (which in my opinion is very cheap for what it does!!)



See above posts for similar problems.

Yes, I have spam filters, but they just go to a Junk Mail folder, which I always check. Not an issue.
I’m sure I was tagged for manual process because my credit card info is my U.S. permanent address but probably my IP address is in Europe, as I live there temporarily. I’ve never had problems with this before.

V pohode, v poradku–everything’s cool now. I had to re-order (I wish I knew why), but it was after 18.8; I sent an email asking if I could still have the discount, as I had ordered before 18.8, and they said yes. Very cool. Thank you Slysoft!

Hi :slight_smile:

Just goes to show patience has it’s reward.