Have YOU used software illegally?

I doubt anybody will say yes, and I hope that nobody has, but I am just curious as to how

a) Proper


b) Honest

people are here.

Just in case you are wondering, I fit into the “No, but I have given a copy to a friend” catagory - MS Works & Windows 98 about a year ago.

Creating backups for your own purpose, even if the EULA forbids you to do so, doesn’t count.

hmm, I’d just like to say: warez rockz! :bow: :eek: :rolleyes:

crazy, eh?

not for corporate use though. :cop:

at least I’m being honest. i’m never proper…

I don’t want to say what category I fit into… You’ll have to guess! :slight_smile:

If people were to vote on this poll honestly and this were an an American server , the cdfreaks staff would be obliged to turn you all in.

I make stupid polls , but it seems i have met my master.


Mr Belvedere, I eagerly await your next poll.

No, never, absolutely not. :rolleyes: The very thought is unsettling. :cool:

I have also never told a lie, never had an impure thought, and never lost my temper. :bigsmile:

What’s wrong with all of you terrible dishonest people. :o

If you keep this up God may strike you with a thunderbolt (if Bill Gates doesn’t get you first). :bow:

And I never make spelling errors, either. :wink:

Sorry… M$ has already brought heaven inc. for an unconfirmed 1000 Billion dollars. The chief executive God has been dropped by the company, which has been renamed Microsoft HELL with the marketing slogan “Where do you want to die today?”

The beta release of Saviour 10.2 (Where have I seen that version no. before :slight_smile: ) has been delayed for approximately 3 months while various “Microsoft compatibility updates” are made, such as bug defixes and product reliability downgrades. Microsoft’s Bloatwaredows will be integrated with the new product after “incompatibilty assurance” tests have been completed.

Afterlife Explorer 7.1 and St. Office XP (Xtra Pricey) will be bundled with the new product.

The product will now retail at roughly £500, and Salavation Pak 1 (SP1) will probably follow 6 months after the products release.

Microsoft’s new DRM technology, Priestadium will also be included and support from AMD (Afterlife Means Death) and INTEL (I never trusted eternal life) who have produced a new range of superfast-processors.

Speaking of hell, you know what turns up if you write “Go to Hell” in Google? :bigsmile:

Originally posted by Airhead
Speaking of hell, you know what turns up if you write “Go to Hell” in Google? :bigsmile:

I rember getting the same result a few years ago by typing in “the devil”. It would take you to the microsoft site but not anymore.
Honestly, I am too poor to buy games/programs because they are so overpriced. So I am forced to “bootleg” them from friends. The only programs I have ever bought are CloneCD (to support such a great program) and Norton System Works (because I needed it and didnt have enough time to burn a copy) . You can complain about how i am stealing and I am a bad person, I agree with you. However, I have no means currently of spending 60 bucks on a game that I will be finished with in a week. I do not hold a $60,000+ job that lets me live this comfortably, I worked minmum wage over summer and saved up for college. My parents arent that rich either and they are definitely not going to let me spend their hard earned cash on games. So I am a thief and a bad person, I agree. I cannot afford these overpriced games so I am forced to steal, end of story.

Well, thats enough for this confessional :slight_smile:

Gee, MS is #1, AOL is #3 and Hell is #2! Satan needs a better web master.

Originally posted by Airhead
Speaking of hell, you know what turns up if you write “Go to Hell” in Google? :bigsmile: