Have You Received Your Free Copy Of HalfLife 2 From ATi

I know a few people here were getting copies of HL2 from ATi. Have you gotton your copy yet because I havn’t.

Is this just me or are there others out there still waiting like me. I think the game has been out for some 2 months now I I am guessing they should have fulfilled there orders by now.

I have recieved nothing from ATi. Not an email not a sausage.

So please post if you have or havn’t gotton your copies yet. Let me know if it is just me or more wide spread.

I have got mine but it was via download not disc that i originally asked …
They said 6-8 weeks for disc version and because you had to go online anyway for it to work i just went with the download way…

unless you’re on dial-up (or want all the fluff associated with the boxed version)…why don’t you just DL via steam, type steam://backup/ in your browser window and backup the games to CD or DVD?

Because I don’t like stream and I am on Dial Up. :stuck_out_tongue:

got it, sorry. :eek:

Womble > I received an e-mail and called them to order the disk but haven’t heard back from them since. That was 4 weeks ago.

OK Cheers gus. i think I will ahve to email them and ask what is going on. I think I might start a poll called “How many emails do i have to send before they send me my disk?” :wink:

lol I’ll call them in 2 weeks if i don’t hear from them. I also gave them my CC# to charge me but they said they would not charge it untill it was ready to ship. I haven’t seen the charge on my CC yet. $10 shipping is what they told me for the disk.