Have you gotten the meritline Value Taiyo Yuden



I am hearing rumors that supermediastore is slipping tyg02 in these orders

meritline just dropped back to 29.99.

the strangest difference with them is that they shipp in a cakebox, supermedia in plastic wrap. actaully meritline does not explicitly say which, but their pciture depicts a cakebox.

I know that the tyg01 is great, and my nec does it at 12, i think my benq only at 4. but it seems that folks here have such little knowledge of this disk, I wonder if it is safe to burn higher than 4x, or what technology advances TY applied to the tyg02’s ???


I actually just posted about this in the Taiyo Yuden FAKES thread. I bought the value Taiyo Yuden 4X DVD-R at supermediastore.com and from what members have said based on the info I posted, they’re real genuine TYG02 Taiyo Yuden discs. I don’t know about the ones from Meritline though.


Hey, don’t think you’ll automatically get TYG02. A lot of people, including me, recieved TYG01 for the supermediastore deal. BenQ1620 do not have 8x stragegy for G01, but overspeed using G02 strategy should work fine.


Check out www.resellerratings.com. I won’t touch meritline with a 10 foot pole given their recent ratings.


Hey, don’t think you’ll automatically get TYG02. A lot of people, including me, recieved TYG01 for the supermediastore deal.

Are TYG01 and TYG02 equally as good? Or is there a quality difference?


I would say they are about the same. TY is well known for their consistancy. :wink:


I got 2 spindles of the “value” TY from Supermediastore. I’ve only opened 1 spindle, but that one is G01. This only burns at 4x on my Benq. I’ll have to check my other spindle to see if I received any G02 :slight_smile:


I ordered from supermediastore as well, just got my shipment of 100 4x TY’s…first one off the top says G01, so looks like thats what I got.

This is my first experience with TY’s, the first spindle I got (with my 2510a) was 50 ritek G04’s, then 100 fuji prodisc F01’s…all in all, not bad discs, I haven’t had any problems with them…but these TY’s just feel better than those.

I know, probably my mind coloring my experience. Can’t beat em for the price, though!


The bulk unbranded stuff sold online is TY’s Value Line. It’s different from their A+ grade stuff, but still really good.


I just bought a 100 cakebox of AVB 8x DVD-R from Newegg. The disks have the Manufacturer ID: TYG02. They cost $32.00 with a free Van Helsing 24 CD/DVD wallet.


10:1 those are fake. The TYG02 code is probably the most stolen media ID code on the planet. I for one will not touch ANY “no-name” media that claims to be TY. This is probably infosmart media.


Not all of the bulk online stuff is value line. The unbranded TY discs from www.rima.com are their premium line stuff. :wink:


They’re marked “Supported Write Speeds: 2x, 4x, 6x, 8x, 12x”, and burn at 12X on my NEC 3520A. Fake or not I’ve not had a coaster in 30 burns.


If the discs say that they write at 12x then they are not TYG02. TYG02 are 8x rated media. Now it is true that TYG02 can be burned at 12x in some burners with certain firmware revisions but they certainly wouldn’t be rated on the package at 12x. Anyways, just because you don’t get a coaster doesn’t make it a good burn. Do you happen to have any error rate scans. There are people who get 100s of working princo discs, but we all know that they are shite. What good is a disc that quits working after only a year or two. :wink:


THe rating is what DVD Decrypter returns on the disks, as well as the code.


hmm no more replys,


What say folks about the TY 16X DVD-R media from Mertiline, SuperMediaStore, Rima, etc. ?


I have burned a lot of these and they ARE TYG02. They are 8X media but the firmware in my NEC 3500, (2.18, not hacked) approves them at 12X. There are probably other firmwares on other burners that do the same. My Liteon and my LG both say 8X.

The scans after burning at 12X are only slightly higher in PI and still in the teens with just a slight rise at the end when the NEC kicks into full speed.


Ah, so the disc speeds are the ones that come from DVD Decrypter and aren’t what is written on the package. I guess it is possible that they are TY then. Do you happen to have any error rate scans?


Nailzer, thanks for the heads up. I just ordered 100 of the AVB discs. I was going to order from SuperMediaStore, but there is no guarantee whether you will get TYG01 or TYG02. I realize there is no guarantee what the MID will be on the AVB discs from Newegg, but I like the odds a little better.