Have you given up on Verbatim because of terrible quality control?

I’ve pretty much given up on Verbatim because of the terrible quality control. One batch burns like my T02’s & another one (Different batch) 1/2 of the batch has burns with 6000 Pif’s. But I did hear that in general PAP6 suck & PAPA are generally good. And don’t get me wrong whenever *I do come across a good batch (About 1/2 of the time) it is great to excellent quality, well I came across a 50 pack of PAPA TNF font high lip MCC 004’s and the top & middle (I pulled one out of the middle) burned with less than 200 PIF. :clap: Low PIE & jitter under 10. :slight_smile:

Comments are welcome
BTW: I 90% of the time use YUDEN000T02 now but if I come across a good batch of these MCC 004’s i’ll use em for video backups. For my video backups I only use the highest of quality

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I’ve used the same -R Verbatims for quite a while now and they are both consistant and very good in all my drives even if i limit them to 4 drives. Serial - MAP 709LH17104005 B6 (I don’t check the serials as long as the discs are good)

My answer to your question in topic is [B][U]no[/U][/B] :smiley:

Any scans of the crap burns? Are the PIF clumped or spread out?

I’ve noticed some of my newer batches have more tendency to clump than other older batches.

Do the burns work in players though? I’ve had some MCC03RG20 that scanned awesome but played crappy in a fussy DVD player. Also, scanned in a BenQ instead of a liteon showed far more errors.

So I wouldn’t base so much on a scan as even a good one can stuff up. I wouldn’t like 6000 PIF though, but there’s a huge difference between massive clumps and even spreads of PIF.

My answer to your question in topic is [B][U]no[/U][/B] :D[/QUOTE]

Same answer here :wink:

My Prodisc, CMC (MIT), and MBIL made Verbies all perform very well.

I’m only really a bit disappointed with the TY-made 16x Verbs, but even those are acceptable since playback is fine.

I’ve had better luck with MIT Verbatim -R (MCC 03RG20 and MCC 02RG20) than with TY -R G03/G02 in the past year. Some of the Verb MII batches have had problems but for me the MIT ones have been very consistant…

Same here, in both MiI and MiT spindles.

@ OP: I miss the prettier scans of older Verbs, but I’ll admit that the newer stuff plays as nicely or better than any other media in my standalones and various ODDs. So I still prefer Verbs to the stuff sold by TDK, Sony, Memorex, Philips, etc… and I guess that even includes Sony-branded T02.