Have You Found Any Deals At Circuit City?

So, as we all know, Circuit City has a little more than one month to go before it closes permanently. For those of us who already know how liquidation sales work (I’m not interested in mindless whining about how the deals suck, since that has no relevance to those who know how to handle these), have you gone into CC recently, which is about a month after the original announcement, and seen what the current percentages are on the discounts?

In particular, what is the blank media selling for, and is there any of it left?

The key to getting a deal at a liquidation sale is to time your purchase to when the discount has gotten high enough to make it worth your while, but before it gets so high that all the morons have bought everything good up. This requires knowing the market like the back of your hand, and knowing what an actual good deal is. It’s just like eBay. You don’t bid on things that cost more than they would at a retail store, and similarly, you don’t buy things at a liquidation sale that you can get elsewhere for less. This is just plain common sense. There’s no reason to be afraid of liquidation sales, but only if you know what you are doing.

Also, CC might have something rare, like TDK 8x DVD+R media, which can’t be found anywhere else, not even on eBay, and so you might spy out what the pricing is and decide that, for example, if you can get a 25-pack for $7.00 per spindle, you would buy it all up, because it’s good and classic media, and you’re never going to see it again.

This is how to think when stalking a liquidation sale. You need to be PATIENT and wait. You need to know the MARKET, and what the pricing on goods is. If you have to ask other people what a good deal is, and you don’t already know, my advice to you is STAY AWAY from liquidation sales. They’re only for experts and people who know how to shop.

I have stopped at two different locations and found nothing of any value. I was looking for some filters for my wifes SLR but they were all gone when I got there. Almost everything that I have seen could be found at a cheaper price so far. Timing is everything!


Stopped by San Mateo store last week-

Prices are a friggin [I]JOKE[/I]-eh!!

Yup, the prices are beyond bad for a liquidation. The worst part is that they are actually clearing things out because people are dumb enough to buy.

When CC laid off all their top-paid senior (that is to say, the longest-employed, most dedicated employees who were getting paid a mere two or three bucks over minimum wage, instead of a quarter) non-management employees a year (or two) back and told them all to come back tomorrow and re-apply for your old job at --oh, BTW-- a quarter over minimum wage… That’s when I wrote the SOBs off.

So, why should I expect their (obviously) clueless executives to write-down anything now? They used the above savings to create their own severance packages (i.e., golden parachutes). Bastards.

I travel a bit and have been to 3 different ones. I walk out every time not buying a thing and very dissapointed as I leave. I have been to the one near me 3 times.

The first clearance weekend, I looked for the Panasonic 8x DVD-R’s, which were gone. I also noticed (in all 3 stores) there was aboslutley no Sony media, and no Memorex Gold media. Wierd…

Scince the clearance began, it just seemed like they only had regular Memorex, TDK, and the store brand stuff (Next??? something).

I went this week, all that was left was garbage, things like store brand usb and network cables that were priced at 29.99-39.99 but had some percentage off… lol…

I snatched my Linksys WRT160N for $100 and my wife lucked out on a Memorex 10" Digital Photo Frame for $60 (normally a $199 deal anywhere else).

About four other friends and associates took advantage of the WRT610N price after I enlightened them.

As it is now, one local store is already closed and shipped merchandise to the larger location which plans on closing in about three days. That store is almost bare.

I found an Epson RX280 with a full set of new Ink Carts for 39.99, they had 6 of them, I only bought one, the carts alone are 64.99 at Costco.:wink:

Sunday is the last day all store close sunday

Went there last night and got a few deals… Most stuff was 90% off.
Sienfeld Scene It Deluxe game in the metal tin for $1 (we got 3 of them)
I got a Belkin gold USB printer cable (real nice one for about $6)
And there was about 10 CD’s left. All stuff I’ve never heard of, except one… Fair to Midland… They play them on Octane (Sirius), got it for $2.

I suppose I’ll swing by the local one this morning, and see if there is anything left.

It was sort of disturbing though, as they are selling everything… all the proprietary cash register cables, those old school credit card impresstion things, security lock devices, the video distribution boxes that ran all the display TVs, etc. They even have the Dyson that they use to vacuum the store with for sale.

But they had about 4 tables with random stuff on them that people were rummaging through, and about 5 small shelfs with some random stuff.

They had some HP printers for $35, and a few demo printers.