Have you ever WORN out a burner

I have went thru 3 this year. The person at the computer store ask me what did I do to them to wear them out so fast?This last one lasted me 4 months!!!

My response was I burn cd’s with it

So what I am asking is Have you burned the drive out of existence
or it is just me and my habits. Mind you I have cd’s all over the place. :slight_smile:

just manged to were out my hp7200i after 2 nearly 3 years burning 1-3 cds a week :slight_smile:

just ordered my new philips should be here soon hopefully she will last as long :smiley:

I never worn a burner out… I did however replaced a few…

I first had a Philips and well these suck :slight_smile:

I then sold it and bought a Sony CRX120 which worked ok but it was very slow in reading the Subs and burning at 4x wasn’t fast either for my taste. I also sold this one and bought a Plextor 1210A which I still have. I burn about 10 CD’s a week sometimes more and sometimes less. Is has never let me down although I’m thinking of selling this one too and getting the 24x model… :smiley:

bah philips suck??

nevermind slow reading and subs etc dont bother me all i want it for is to burn some cds :slight_smile: and the ability to burn safedisc2 games should help

the philips drives looks spinkee tho :wink:

I’ve got this HP8100i 4x2x24 for 3 years now :frowning:

And I’ll only buy a new one when this one is broken :rolleyes:

(I hope that’ll be soon :D)

Well, when i still was burning proffessionally i did 3 mitsumi2808TE’s and a philips in a year :slight_smile:

And now I still have the Teac for about a year :wink: