Have you ever worn a tuxedo, white tie or something like them?

[QUOTE=wazzy;2205974]I’m wearing said attire for a hot date this coming weekend. It’ll be my first time in such clothing :)[/QUOTE]

wow you do know how to impress me :slight_smile: showing up in a tux…you’ll have me at hello !!


I’m trying to get my parents to buy a tux for me because I need one for a night at the disco!

I’ve found many that cost 100 € each so it’s not gonna reduce us in poverty. But my parents do still ask:

[B]WTF do you need a tux for a night at the disco???[/B]

Obviously I have an answer for (almost) all answers of the same type. When I go to the disco I wear suit&tie almost all times, so a tux would be the apogee of the elegance!

… while wearing a white tie would be ridiculous!

So let me ask another question 2u:

[B]How much money is your most precious jacket worth?[/B]

Here’s my story:

back to the minor age, I used not to wear suits and ties because my parents thought that they were for an adult public, and that wearing one would have made me ridiculous (“mock maturity” as they said).

on 23 June, 2005 , i.e. my 18th birthday, I first wore a black suit with white shirt and black tie, to follow the style inspired by Agent Smith in The Matrix movie.

Now I have more than 15 ties and the most expensive is also the most beautiful. I bought it in the York Abbey in 2006 for 60 sterling.

:bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:[/QUOTE]

i know your not in the USA over here you can pick one up really reasonable…from like 100 USD and up…depending on how much you care to spend…

have a look at jc penny…they have one there that is like 99 bucks which includes a jacket pants shoes shirt and tie not to bad looking…(My nephew has that one and it looks really good) …

[QUOTE=Sexy_Southerner;2207507]wow you do know how to impress me :slight_smile: showing up in a tux…you’ll have me at hello !![/QUOTE]

lol well i changed my mind a bit…decided not to go ALL OUT this early in a relationship, but I did go black shirt/white tie. It was “the best date ever” according to the female…someday the tux will come out though :smiley: