Have you ever worn a tuxedo, white tie or something like them?

As the question says…

have you ever worn a tuxedo, white tie or something like them?

My answer is no, even if I’ve been in places where a tuxedo would have been the best for elegance… but I was too young!

White tie… never seen one!

What about you? :slight_smile:

Just a couple of times. Once for prom night and another time as a groomsman at a wedding.

Most of the time it is jeans and polo shirt apparel for me.


yes i have. I can also tie a tie believe it or not. No clip-ons for this guy …

My dress of the day is shorts,t-shirt, and flip flops.

I wore one to prom. And when I was playing trumpet for the symphonic band in college, we had to wear them to performances.

@Bob: No clip on ties for me either.

I would have worn a tux and shaved and cut my hair and become a republican if Bush caught or killed Osama Bin Laden. (would have lost a bet, my buddy had to where a dress and wig with full makeup out in public for 2 hours…lol)

Unless Zubaz count as “something like them”, nope.

I were one all the time. They make great pajamas. :wink:


Yes - a number of times - even owned my own once - bought for a cruise - was cheaper than renting - then used it afterwards for weddings and such-eh!!

Closest I can come is a Black Velvet suit with red satin lining that I wore to Grad … and no tie … they kinda freak me out :eek:

:bow:BTW my Ma made the suit and it was awesome :flower: :cool:

Yes. It has to be stressed though that according to classical protocole “White Tie” or “Ultra-Formal” is/shuld be a rare /very special occasions/ indication on an invitation.

Did it once (or twice, dunno…too long ago)…but I try to avoid events like that like a plague… since I don’t own one, I have to rent it…way too much hassle and too expensive for each event…

Perhaps when I own one, it won’t be as bad…some events are nice, but still not worth the trouble (and costs) of renting etc.

Wore a tux at the wedding and I tie a tie on a weekly basis. So, yes.

I’m wearing said attire for a hot date this coming weekend. It’ll be my first time in such clothing :slight_smile:

no, not really much call for them here, had to wear a suit a few times, not too keen on them either, would rather wear my kilt

That must be breezy. :wink:

[QUOTE=Jesterrace;2206185]That must be breezy. ;)[/QUOTE]

who, me :confused:

no, had it on at new year, walked home in it, it didn’t feel too cold, but that was maybe something to do with the drink :bigsmile:

you’ll be surprised how warm a kilt is :wink:

[QUOTE=Bjproc;2206215]you’ll be surprised how warm a kilt is ;)[/QUOTE]Yup - it’s a remarkably practical alternative to DJ / Tux. Durable and very comfortable whatever the weather…

I’ve worn a tux many times, but have worn white tie and tails only once other than a couple of times in dramatic productions. When I was in college, a friend was chairman of the annual prom. He asked me to serve as host to greet people as they arrived.

Nobody there had a better time than I did! :wink:


I’m trying to get my parents to buy a tux for me because I need one for a night at the disco!

I’ve found many that cost 100 € each so it’s not gonna reduce us in poverty. But my parents do still ask:

[B]WTF do you need a tux for a night at the disco???[/B]

Obviously I have an answer for (almost) all answers of the same type. When I go to the disco I wear suit&tie almost all times, so a tux would be the apogee of the elegance!

… while wearing a white tie would be ridiculous!

So let me ask another question 2u:

[B]How much money is your most precious jacket worth?[/B]

Here’s my story:

back to the minor age, I used not to wear suits and ties because my parents thought that they were for an adult public, and that wearing one would have made me ridiculous (“mock maturity” as they said).

on 23 June, 2005 , i.e. my 18th birthday, I first wore a black suit with white shirt and black tie, to follow the style inspired by Agent Smith in The Matrix movie.

Now I have more than 15 ties and the most expensive is also the most beautiful. I bought it in the York Abbey in 2006 for 60 sterling.

:bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: