Have you ever seen this TDK CD-R for MEDICAL?



Is this TDK CD-R for MEDICAL good? and the manufacture?




Medical CD-R should always be at least good quality if they’re coming from a reputable brand.
Hey, it’s even a good old 650 MB disc… :slight_smile:

Does the packaging mention any country of origin?


Nope~ but I guess it is MIJ.


The description from TDK (http://www.tdk.com/medical/support/pdf/Medical_Media.pdf) shows a CD-R backside with the old “CD-RECORDABLE …” stamper code with bold font, which is characteristic of real TDK CD-R media. So it could possibly be Made in Japan (as you guessed before), or old Made in Luxembourg stuff.

If you want to be sure:
The manufacturer can be easily determined by just opening it, putting it in the drive and using an identifying software. :wink:
Alternatively, you could open it and report the hub codes to us.


That’s original ‘old school’ TDK CD media, probably the best CD media ever made, especially the 650MB discs (this posting might be of interest).

If you have a burner that likes these old school discs (newer (DVD) drives usually don’t, since their are optimised for high speed burning (burn quality should be ok though); a Plextor Premium or Yamaha F1 CDRW should love them), definitely buy them! I know I would, if I could…:sad:


hmmm… and I want to know is there any disc for [B]military[/B]? for [B]space[/B]? for [B]FBI[/B]? :cop::smiley:


No, but you can easily make discs for military use yourself.

  1. Get a printer which can print to discs (inkjet is the best).
  2. Get printable media.
  3. Go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_camouflage_patterns and find one that suits the discs well.
  4. Print this pattern on the disc.
  5. Enjoy!

For space and FBI media, just repeat the steps above, but use Google Image Search for “space” or “FBI” instead of step 3.

Sorry, couldn’t resist :stuck_out_tongue:


haha…DIY disc ^^

go action~!


get one and save it. It could be a collectable someday. I have a few CD Photo discs put away.


you mean this disc? KODAK for photo.


yours is much nicer than mine.


e…can you show a photo of yours?


This looks like real TDK made CD-Rs. The picture in the PDF file surely is. This could be MIJ, Made in USA or Luxembourg. Eitherway this should be good media and if you have an older burner (Plextor 1210 SCSI etc) this disc should give some very nice results.


Mine was Memorex looked like their Music CDs.

Looking but can’t find it right now.