Have you ever met MCC004 like this one?

It’s a piece of Verbatim media.
This piece of disc is together with my PX-716A.
I kept it in the box and left it blank until today because it’s not easy to get 16X media here.

When I have it for FE/TE test, the result is disappointed.
I don’t think it’s a fake one, because it comes with my 716A.
But according to the FE/TE test result, I think it must be an inferior one.

So sad this moment, the retailer presented me this piece bad quality ones… :sad:

The MCC004 that came with my PX-716A wasn’t that great either. I got some better ones in a 25-disc spindle from a local retailer though. MCC004 is pretty variable unfortunately.

This is a BenQ scan that shows tracking and focus error on one of the early MCC004s I got back in January. Manufactured by CMC, serial number begins with PAPA… And two scans showing two consecutive discs from the same 25-pack burned by LG GSA-4163B at 16x. They are generally slightly better than MCC003, but their quality does vary from disc to disc. If I were you, I’d burn that disc to find out if it’s really as marginal as the scan suggests, and get the unknown over with :slight_smile:

I will burn it@16X speed and post the result here.

That’s the spirit! Good luck.

Media quality is pretty random since there are so many things that can go wrong in the manufacturing process. I’ve had packs of everybody’s favorite Taiyo Yuden (TYG01) discs where a good 10% of them were bum discs with dye spots. It really helps if you look at this like the lottery that it is :slight_smile:

You sure these were genuine and not fakes? I ordered some ‘brand new genuine TY +r’s’ from the usa, as per the adverts, via ebay, at a time when they were almost impossible to buy in the UK - and they came in bad condition and burnt terriblly - some would not calibrate, others burnt but the scans were a mass of yellow and red. They were FAKE!

All real TY, That’s, Fuji, Maxell, x4 or x8 rated discs I have burnt, 400-500 now test perfectly, and look clear - I check for dust marks before I place them in the drive - as this helps keep the error’s down.

Oh yes, the bums were real stuff. Made in Japan, Maxell-branded TYG01 from a large electronics retailer. Even TY can miss a few bad discs. I must say that all 150 TYG02 I’ve burned have been absolutely perfect.