Have you ever had such problem with your Desktop?

Hi guys,
I want you to help me with my problem:

Since yesterday, my mouse pointer acts strange when I move it around the decktop screen, it is fine for some time but then suddenly it starts going crazy all over the desktop and if i move it it never stops , but if i wait about 10 seconds the mouse pointer calms down and then I can work normally for some time but after 5 or 10 minutes its acting like crazy again all over the screen.

I have recently formated the computer, no internet used so far so it cant be virus, so I am guessing I should install a mouse driver or…?

What do you guys think?
All help is highly appreciated.


XP automatically install mouse drivers.

This might sound odd, but you don’t happen to have a bright light source nearby? I remember an issue with a cheapy A-tech mouse I once had, very similar to your problem.
The sun would shine in my window, and would somehow manage to get through a the crack between the mouse buttons … the mouse would go totally nuts.

Incidentally, is it USB or PS2? USB mice sometimes affected by high CPU usage, which is often attributed to spyware/virus, but can also be related to poor quality audio drivers.

What type of mouse is it? Optical? Wireless? If it’s wireless it could be batteries. If it’s optical it might need a clean. Or it could be the cord/pins.