Have you ever had a defective drive?



I am not out to get any drive and I have no bias in relation to this poll, but it has been pointed out that people rarely post when they get good drives so we are seeing a skewed representation.

This won’t really deal with that problem but it will at least give people some idea of how many posters have had problems with certain drives.

I am also aware that this is not scientific and it is not proportional as related to all drives sold and I know I missed your favorite drive and there are a lot of ways to define “defective”.

I am just interested in what will show up and I am looking at current and recent drives.

ADDED: as noted below, please do post your rebadged drives in the list above under the original manufacturer. I am aware of some of them but I don’t want to try and cover them all and you know better than I which models they are.


Interesting idea. What about rebadges, though? Like Philips, Sony, etc.?
[$0.02] thinks that “1640” should be “1640 / 810A / 740” [/$0.02]

Edit: Tweaked the poll options a wee bit. :wink:


thankfully…none :bigsmile:


I have bought a sony 510usb,a Kypermedia 8x, (2) btc1004s, (2) btc 1108s, a MD nec 3500, a MD nec 3520,a benq 1620 and a benq 1640 and none of those drives were defective. By the way the BTC 1108 will read discs that the Necs and Benqs choke on.

EDIT: I forgot I bought a Plextor 708 the first day it hit the Best Buy store here and returned it for the Sony 510, no soft ware would support it at the time and I didn’t want to wait. I also have had a few CD drives and none of them were defective.


I’ve bought…

DVD-writers (0 defective out of 4)

  • LiteOn 451S, 1213S, 1673S
  • BenQ 1620

DVD-ROMs (1 defective out of 2)

  • Artec (forgot model number; I gave it away) (defective)
  • LiteOn 166S

Combos (0 defective out of 2)

  • LiteOn LSC-24082K, 48161H

CD-RWs (0 defective out of 2)

  • LG 8x
  • HP 4x

So I’ve been lucky, I guess. Of all the drives I’ve ever bought, only my Artec DVD-ROM went bad within a year.


Maybe we first should agree what is the scope of “defective.” For example:

  • If using hack firmware and the drive doesn’t burn as beatiful as others is it defective? (many drives)

  • If using speed read patch and the drive can’t read as fast or spin up and down is it defective? (some BenQ 1640 and LiteOn 1693S)

  • If the drive can’t burn beautiful @16x is it defective? (many drives incl. Plextor 716A early edition TLA0000, burned well @8x though)

  • If using stock firmware but can’t read and write xxx media as well as others and just RMA to try another one, can it be categorized as defective?


Personally, my definition is: does the drive have a major problem not caused by user error/neglect that could only be fixed with a replacement unit of the same model. Problems inherent in the model itself (e.g., if all drives of model A hate media B), problems caused by outside factors (like bad media, bad setup, accidental user damage, etc.) are not counted in my book.

Judging from chas’ experience in the past, I’m guessing that he’s specifically targetting dead-on-arrival drives and dead-after-a-few-months drives.


As far as I know there are only so few dead drives reported but many “defective” drives (wont read CD but can read DVD, read problem, write quality problem, click and clunk problem, too hot problem, won’t open tray, etc). :wink:


I can second that.

Lucky me… :smiley:

BTW, poll topic looks a bit missleading, not that many drives listed there have been out for 1 year.

Which drives have you purchased and found defective within 1 year?


Havent had a DVD writer fail yet.
Have had a PX-708A for over 1 year 10 months and PX-716A for 10 months.


One of my Philips 1640P/BenQ 1620 rebadge drives decided to f up about a month or so after i bought it, after two failed burns (never had a failed burn with the drive before or with that particular media) the drive tray decided to stay stuck in (had to use the pin in the hole to get the disc out)

Anyway it flashed back to philips FW, not that it mattered when i took it back to PC World the guy went ‘ermm… il get a tech hold on’ (looks to see one lone guy sat in back with a load of base units) 'errmmm, (scratches head) do you want to err me to get ya another one off the shelf?


The Aopen 9420 failed me, that was the drive that made realise never to go to Aopen again.


Toshiba SD-R5372 unit #1 - All resulting discs (a wide range of MIDs) would fail a transfer rate readback test on NEC 3500A. Also many write failures would occur in mid burn process.
Drive replaced by Toshiba.

LiteOn LDW-411S - possibly defective. Most resulting discs had very horrible writing quality no matter what firmware was applied. Other users with this drive had much better results.
Given away to a friend to be used as a “DVD reader”.


My first Plextor PX-712A couldn’t write to Ultra-Speed CD-RW media with acceptable quality - the discs had massive C1/C2 errors and often also unreadable blocks.

The RMA process was painless, except that Plextor Europe support didn’t respond to their advertised Email address, so I had to re-send the request using their web form instead after a few days.


Just today I’ve RMA my liteon 1633; it failed after 10 months of not so intense use (after I bought benq 1640 I used liteon only for scans). Vendor subsitute my faulty 1633 with a 1693. Hoping that this will function for more time…




Not a PC based burner yet, but I had a LiteOn ddw-451s-(ldw-451s family) in my LiteOn 5005 standalone recorder that developed media trouble, meaning it started having trouble using certain media that it had used ok before. So I replaced it with my trusty ol LiteOn 832s that has done many a burn in the PC and is still burning in the 5005. LiteOn’s I’m still using in PC’s are the 1633s and the 1693s along with the 167T and the 16P9S DVD-ROMS with no problems.


Just RMA yesterday my LiteOn 832s (bought in August 2004) because it didn’t read or write CDs anymore :sad: