Have you ever had a CD in hand with no place to put it?



I just posted the article Have you ever had a CD in hand with no place to put it?.

  More strange news is  out on the net tonight.          Disc-it™ is a highly effective, revolutionary new concept product  designed to conveniently store discs such as CD's, CD-R's CD-ROMs...
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How is this any different (besides the angle the disc sits at) than a normal spindle that blank media comes in?


I don’t know either, but it was a Gold Medal Winner at the leading showcase for inventions.
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This had better be an april fools thing.


funny :slight_smile: I dont think this is an april fools joke though…cause domain name : Creation date: 20 Aug 2003 13:31:48 Thats a bit early to prepare a april fools joke eh :slight_smile: But then again : Mike Scanlan (scanports@hotmail.com) kinda strange for a design company to have a hotmailaddress eh :slight_smile: Oh well…time will tell


The picture looked doctored.


I would just end up stacking 5 or 6 on top of each other and completely defeat the purpose.


When the dreams come true … I designed and then built the same item 4-5 years ago, by my hand in metal; the color was silver.


April fool! And, BTW, there is no 70 GB dual-layer (or whatever) disc around!


when they doctored it, it looks like they good a butplug and stretched it width wise!


Well now - when I’m crouched down under the desk swapping disks in my tower I often wish I had one of these handy little things to put one of the disks on rather than the carpet. :wink:


this idea is not as bright as it may seem. I use 10-disc spindles that come for free. regardless it’s an April’s fool joke or not, I still don’t think this is such a breakthrough.


Well it looks more attractive on your office desk than one of them spindles. Its no aprils fools.


Minor scratches are really unimportant on data CDs, as they does not usually affect reading unless its really serious or large in area. Only important is on audio CD and VCD which are affected more by those scratches.


Nice Foolie Day Joke! It looks like a bloody condom for our disks! hA! :g But hey… its a free marketplace so as gay as this invention could be its still a money maker. :+


Next on the market…novelty Disc Nipples disc holders… This has GOT to be an April Fool.


They do have a top domain website and E-mail address, although no other information other than the above image and a link to E-mail them. :stuck_out_tongue: The domain name had been registered August last year and belongs to echoarts.com, so quite unlikely to be an April’s fool joke. Even if the image is doctored, it probably has been published to see how the public react rather than risk mass produce it first and find out no one is interested. Then again, I have lost several DVD+RW discs as a result of them getting scratched by laying them around (Memorex discs are very easily scratched). DVD+R’s and CD-R’s don’t seem to mind minor surface scratches especially the Infiniti brand of writable and even rewritable discs. http://www.mydiscit.com :wink:


Given that I found this thing at various sites via Google, such as http://www.garrettspecialties.com/html/discit.html I would believe it’s a real product… And I could see a use for it…keeps discs off bad/dirty surfaces when you have to swap a few often…


P.S. Found a place that sells em indiv…“http://www.novelex.com/detail.asp?PRODUCT_ID=NCI0201”…and even stacking 5-6 discs doesn’t defeat it…just keeps them together and off surface of table or desk…remember it’s not only for PC’s but any CD/DVD player…


I tend simply to leave an open jewel case on my desk, and place the otherwise homeless disc down on the jewel case without necessarily pressing it home. It works for me - and I’ve loads of jewel cases!