Have you ever cheated in your relationship?

Have you ever cheated your wife, girlfriend, husband, boyfriend? I guess we’re relatively anonymous here so maybe some of us are willing to share. I can start easily, I’ve never cheated and I can’t image I would ever.

I think I’m the kind of person that would become so nervous it would do me more harm than I would ever enjoy it. Besides that, I have a girlfriend that’s so great I would never ever hurt her feelings. I’m not even thinking about anyone besides her and I can’t imagine my life without her.

OK, enough for the softy stuff, more people like me or people who feel different about this?

I think that your GF reads your posts here…:bigsmile::iagree::iagree:

[QUOTE=roadworker;2710828]I think that your GF reads your posts here…:bigsmile::iagree::iagree:[/QUOTE]

Yeah,Domi speading it kind of thick there my friend. What if you were married for over 20 years,just kidding I’ve never cheated on the wife.Why have a wife or girl friend if your going to cheat on them.Looking isn’t cheating is it?

I can’t speak how it is when I’m 20 years married, never been with someone that long. I wonder how it’ll be by that time BTW!

Well I’m married 23 years now and I would never dream of cheating.

We’ve stuck together like glue, even in really bad stressful times when family etc have died and all the world seemed like it was collapsing around us, so we’re soul mates and that will never change.


Been married 22 years and never cheated.
I think like you Dom I would be to nervous to and I would really hate to lose what I have with my wife now.

I’ve never had one (at least nothing beyond a date), so I can honestly say no here. Even if I was, I certainly wouldn’t cheat either as I just know I would feel terrible over what I’m doing.

Was married…never thought of cheating…ended up he did. …

As for now, if you feel that you must look outside your relationship for someone else to fulfill a mmmhuh eed the you should…leave the relationship/marriage first. …just my opinion. …

I’m going to give a qualified maybe.
I was engaged when I was much younger.
It was a long distance engagement. She was here for the summer with her mom but back to college in the fall.
I could tell over time her interest was dropping & I think she could tell the same.
She wrote that she went out with a man but only as a friend to a college function.
I was jealous & started to look around myself.
I think it was really a mutual breakup but I did start dating before this was official
I’m fairly sure she had done the same.

I also think I have been on the other end sort of where I went out with a “cheater” but I didn’t know until after the fact. I always felt bad when that happened . Even if my only fault was not getting to know the woman better first. Then again : How do you do that without going out or something similar ? It’s not like “I’m married” or “I’m engaged” is tattooed on their forehead.

Sorry to hear that SS, must be a terrible feeling to find out you’re being cheated on. Also hard to trust any new partner I guess :frowning:

Many people make a fundamental mistake in choosing their significant other.

That specific mistake is choosing someone they can live with.

what they should do is choose someone they cannot live without.

I did not need to imagine what it feels like being cheated before I met her. It was a first for me in April this year. The girl told me “we had not sex” (she knew I knew she was on the bed with a visitor for nearly 24 hours), but the worse part was the unidentified visitor could have been someone I’d known for years and would have done dirty enough things to destroy my relationship with her.

After months of reflection, I dismissed everything. She was the one that told me to go to hell (well, meaning to kill myself) and she was also the one who saved me from doing further damages (I was already bleeding a lot while under the power of those pills.)

I trusted her so thoroughly that I actually believed in her words more than I believed my own, but then the self-hatred was always deep and near final by the time I met her in person.

She was good enough to tell me in later days that it was not her intention to encourage suicide.

Cheating was not her worst aspect. After all, I gave up trying to understand and trying to understand insanity and lack of principles.

I was not really against cheating (and I don’t call it cheating) as I preferred self-determination. I would have done little to nothing to prevent my ex-wife from having a second guy (or first to make me the next) as long as it does not threaten my role as the husband, but it was practically impossible for her because of the various disabilities caused by palsy. Would it have been different if she were working on her own?

Life’s better than sex and a healthy life’s better than one with palsy. One can cheat and one can be cheated mostly because there’s time, money, and healthy working legs and penises and fingers. I suppressed thinking about any other aspect in relationship - including love.

So the first thing everytime I felt when I hear people facing divorce or just months after divorce caused by cheating on the other part, or both, and I heard such stories thousands times personally, was you have to bless your cheating and being cheated.

I don’t understand why people cheat in romantic or family relationship, but I also don’t understand why people cheat in school exams and in businesses and it’s more difficult to understand people allowing themselves to do physical violence on others. If one really thinks one’s own one life’s so special and sacred and has to be protected from being physically abused and cheated in relationship, the best way’s probably to arm oneself with contracts in various forms, of which purchasing land and employing private troops and secret agents and laywers and marriage is also a form of contracts with threats to send the other to jail could be one option. I’m not even good at writing or translating contracts.

Nope. :slight_smile:

Wish I had a couple of times though!

What, cheat! No way, my wife is an occasionally bad tempered Angel that literally saved my life twice when My chest muscles went in to spasm. Kept me alive for over 20 minutes waiting for an ambulance. She had the sense to push on my stomach and blow air in to me without any panicking what so ever. I don’t just owe her my life, I love her to bits as she is the kindest most loving person I have ever known, even if she does have a quick temper. To cheat on her would be like cutting my own throat with a chainsaw.

[QUOTE=DoMiN8ToR;2710917]Sorry to hear that SS, must be a terrible feeling to find out you’re being cheated on. Also hard to trust any new partner I guess :([/QUOTE]

Just makes you realize that you can be replaced…:frowning:
What ever happened to staying together…working things out…it seems we as a society live in a dispoable world…if someone or something becomes difficult. …toss it to the side…

I regret nothing in my marriage I did give 110% …and IF I should ever consider it again…I will do the same…you can’t force someone to be with you and you can’t hold on to something that’s already gone…oh yeah and heaven help the poor guy who does end up with me…give him patience…and an endless sex drive :wink:

[QUOTE=DoMiN8ToR;2710835]I can’t speak how it is when I’m 20 years married, never been with someone that long.[/QUOTE]
BTW: Your trip in December would be a good chance to at least ask for starting the first year being married :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s still the “twenty-five year itch”, to get past. That is a time when spouses (usually women) suddenly wake up and realize that they are no longer in love, so they get a divorce. So sad.

I wonder if it also matter how young you get together. Before we got together we had our ‘student life’ with all things involved. So you’ve been there done that. I don’t know if it makes a difference, I do hope so.

@Torsten, I’ll think about it, but the answer is likely starting with a N and ending with an O (and I know you’ll now find some word different than what I mean, I hope it’s a challenge ;))

I’m six years married now, and I’m her first. Have not cheated on her, and will not either. I have been cheated on by former GF, twice, same girl. I forgave her once for betraying my trust. I couldn’t forgive her for betraying my forgiveness…

I must confess, though, that I probably looked longer than average at Dee’s avatar the first time I saw it.