Have you ever burnt a Dual Layer DVDR?



So what’s your experience?
Have you, have you not?
Did it work, how did it seem?

Tell us more!!! More More Moooorrrreeee!!!




There’s got to be something in the water on the south coast.


Aye … surfers.


Never burnt one before… media is still a little too expensive for my blood even though I have 2 drives that are perfectly capable of burning DL media.


Burnt a home made DV Video on a DL disc and it works on all my DVD players. Only on the Sony player there is a one second pause when the layer is being changed. On My other Players no pauses. Yes! its takes about 45 minutes to burn a full disc!


Just a few, all work fine, just too expensive.


burned two of them, they take forever but if the media came down in price i might consider burning more. worked on everything i own, even the picky xbox.


nope, don`t own a 50" hdtv so theres no need realy.


I have burned 2, both didnt work in my standalone :frowning:


Burned a copy from a GPS car-navigation DVD (7GB) which works great (DVD-ROM bitsetting).
Some home-movies on DL too, work fine in the players I tested with.


I have burned 1, It finished in 25 min (7,8G), played excelent.

burned on a plex 716a
media > verbatim 2,4
with dvddecrypter

but costs are € 9,-, but prices are falling :slight_smile:


burned total 6 to 7 pcs…


all book typed to dvd-rom…all ok for me…


no and that despite having 3 Dual Layer Burners but i refuse to pay the prices for DL balnk media at the moment.


Nope still using my 2x DVD-r burner :iagree: :bigsmile:



only use for backup good stuffs…LOTR exteneded…


Ain’t enough bread in the oven for those bad boys.




only one verbatim mkm 001 using my benq dw1620. i have a old toshiba and a newer sony dvd player and it works perfectly, but at $11.00 a disc canadian, it was more curiosity to see if it would work. when(if!!) they get to around $5.00 then maybe i might buy a few more.