Have you ever blown your motherboard?



hey guys
unfortunately my asus 865 e-deluxe motherboard fianlly failed on me

it would not boot to my hardrive and when i tried to boot windows, it would freeze in the searching for hardware screen (the first one)

well here is my major problem,

My OS drive is a 10000 rpm SATA WD RAPTOR drive, when i plugged it in to my other computer I can see all the files, except I cannot access the "Documents directory at all! It says “Access Denied”

After doing some research I learned that this is a result of some type of encrytion windows uses, I think FFS.

Anyways my research turned up nothing at all, and usually I can find all the ansrs to my problems.

So as a last resort I am here in this forum begging for help before I pay some assholes 100$+ to fet the files out of the system

One file is an Excel Document I made a list of all my 350+ movies, plus financial records, and lots of photos

please help. your karma will be multiplied


When I click on it


Try logging in as administrator and give your self access permission to the disk. Will not work if the disk is encrypted.


i can honestly say i have never ‘blown’ any motherboard in my life thank you very much!


I had a Asus A7N8X blow up in much the same way. :sad:

Have you double-checked the permissions on the drive volume? Maybe the NTFS permissions got scrambled.


A motherboard has died on me before (power surge from a lightning strike) but as Mr Brownstone has said, I am not in the habit of fellating motherboards.


My poor old Abit KT7-Raid, which supported only the first Athlons (officialy :smiley: ) died 3 months after I put in an XP1600, which it didn`t support according to Abit, but it ran just fine, although with only 100 MHz FSB.
All of a sudden, it would not boot, not even the first beep.
I still have that CPU, btw. Waiting for a Socket 939 board with PCIe.

I`m having a A7N8X at the moment. Hope it lasts longer than yours, rdgrimes. :eek: