Have you emptied your Recycle Bin today?

debro took the words straight out of my mouth. I never have bothered with the bin. I configure it to be only 100MB with no confirmation, so it never gets any bigger than that not matter what.

I’ve lost all control of my harddrive. I should clean it but I cant be bothered so stuff is lying around mostly everywhere.


I empty mine a few times daily and use O&O sometimes more than once a day. Also i run CC a few times daily. I like to keep my pc and i happy.

Yo Bob-

Don’t you just [I][B]love[/B][/I] cCleaner-

I use mine about 5 times a day (unlike Arachne - I can spare 1.5635 seconds to clear out 11.36mb of crap) and use my PerfectDisc8 before shutdown at night-eh!!

(btw - have had my new Planar 1600 x 1200 LCD monitor on for two days now = Awfrigginsome-eh!!)

Heyyo Mike glad you like your Awfrigginsome monitor :smiley: I like CC. It seems to do a great job.

/me blows a raspberry @ Mike :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually, I’ve cleaned out my Recycle Bin, anything else that I don’t need on my PC, and will run O&O drfrag tomorrow. I’m getting good :wink: