Have you beaten your PC today?



I just posted the article Have you beaten your PC today?.

Have you beaten your PC today?

Most of you have several times made your computer primary target of aggressions and violence.

Why? Many say’s it is their damm computer’s fault.

But that isn’t…

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loved it: when i burned my first cd… hate it: whenever it crashes cause of the enable-memory-4-way-interleave driver for via apollo133A chipsets i have installed (which improves performance dramatically)…but…that’s my fault right? :4


I once smashed a 40* Aopen cdrom bcauz it got stuck in a twilight cd And one time i spilled a fucken beer on the keyboard so now when i write , keys keep pushed down due to stickyness. :4


I love my pc when it works fine hate it when it have strange problems. To be honest i didt asaulted my pc in the past even hit it full with my fist hurted me more then it didt the pc hehehe :slight_smile: But i also know some one who stabbed his case with a screwdriver out of frustration of the pc hehehe


Ofcours it ain’t the computer’s fault… it’s Microsoft’s :4




I agree with Necrom… although my new pc amd 900 on a msi motherboard using win2k hasn`t crashed for months…


K, now take a little quiz for me today. Tell me if you fit this description. You got your new PC with an unlimited internet acess account several months ago. You have been surfing the net, and you laugh at those media reports of the information superhighway. You have a red box, you don’t have to pay for phone calls. You have crackerjack, and you have run it on the password file at a unix you got an account on. Everyone at your school is impressed by your computer knowledge, you are the one the teachers ask for help. Does this sound like you? You are not an expert. There are thousands of you out there. You buy 2600 and you ask questions. You read articles and you ask questions. You join #pcfacts and you ask questions. You ask all of these questions, and you ask what is wrong with that? After all, to be a PC Nerd is to question things, is it not? But, you do not want knowledge. You want answers. You do not want to learn how things work. You want answers. You do not want to explore. All you want to know is the answer to your damn questions. You are not an expert. Using your PC is not about answers. It’s about the path you take to find the answers. If you want help, don’t ask for answers, ask for a pointer to the path you need to take to find out those answers for yourself. Because it is not the people with the answers that are the experts, it is the people that are travelling along the path. tnx to ReDragon Peace to you Zyron and CDFreaks


JOIN CAA Computer Abusers Anonymous NOW!!! :4 The premier in computer abuse management. Now accepting applications! Microsoft users/developers/workers NEED NOT APPLY!! :stuck_out_tongue: For a limited time only membership is Free by pressing the DELETE key on every file you have :d G16aByT3 :+


“I see!” Pondskimmer; it is not the outcome we seek. :frowning: It is but the Journey! :slight_smile: and once again the ,master becomes the student.:wink:


I don’t have a Blue screen of death :slight_smile: changed it to a red one :slight_smile: Blue is to much of a nice color to see it on errors :slight_smile:


I once hit my computer because the old CD-ROM drive couldn’t read all CDR’s. I hit it pretty hard… Result: It didn’t read any CD-ROM’s anymore… I took it to the store where I bought it saying that it was broken and a few minutes later they -without charge- installed a new CD-ROM drive!! :4 How about that, eh? Giving it a good spanking every now and then ain’t so bad… :d PS try at your own risk… :wink: