Have we resolved the PSX protection mystery? Maybe!

I just posted the article Have we resolved the PSX protection mystery? Maybe!.

As many copy protections are currently beaten by commercially available software such as Alcohol 120%, CloneCD and Blindwrite there is still one copy protection that remains a secret. While the…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/5209-Have-we-resolved-the-PSX-protection-mystery-Maybe.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/5209-Have-we-resolved-the-PSX-protection-mystery-Maybe.html)

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Let the games begin.Im glad we have some good guys on our side and you deserve a thank-you for all the hard work

it is amazing that this protection hasn’t been beatin yet. I will do all that I can to help.

If it ever is beaten it will be here.

I wonder where is the Alcohol fanboy :wink:

The guys at Sony appear like being kids playing around compared to that annoying protection :frowning:

well…it obviously was beaten since people are making illegal bootdiscs some how…

Yeah while you are at it, what about the PS2? I have bought 7 original games and between 29.99 pounds and 39.99 pounds they are not cheap :c They are milking the market at that price :frowning: so yeah I would like to be able too use cdr or dvd backups without a mod chip :4 I have spent almost 300 uk pounds on 7 games. No More :wink: Greetz The Diplomat :8

Well ‘IF’ PS does ATIP check you need a mod-chip… right…? How else you gonna tell it you’re not using a copy?

I kinda wondered about the twinpeak program… Remember, it had the weird side-effect of making the ATIP unreadable? On another note, no one has found a way to copy Sega Saturn games yet, either, and it’s just as old.

probly based on the same priciples of using the pre-gap to contain a protection/authanticity check. chek the forums pages 11 onwards.

ps1 games on ps2(slim kind is easy)1.get regular ps1 disc and any ps1 bootlegg you might have have them ready for a quick swap.2.block the three sensors so the ps2 slim thinks it is closed when it isnt. use tape to block sensors.3.put in ps1 regular disc and turn it on.it wont work if the ps1 is on restart console and you put in the ps1 game it will spin and go to the ps1 logo screen slow the ps1 game down and put in the bootlegged one ps1 reg is out and the bootleg should boot from there.

i dont no about ps2 fat model. nut for ps2 save your money forget disc swap and mod chips they might mess up your system if you mess it up. do it the easy way man