Have Verbatim stopped making their silver 8x DVD-R?



I’m a UKer, and shopping around online, I find it hard to come by the usual non-printable Verbatim 8x DVD-Rs (in packs of 25 I believe) that I get, but I have spotted quite a few ‘pearl white’ ones.

Does anyone know if they now only produce these pearly ones and not the standard silvery 8x DVD-Rs? I kinda like all my back ups to be on the same design of disc, 'tis all nice and neat. :frowning:


Quite a while ago, Verbatim announced that they would be only producing 1-16X DVD media. Unless this has changed (unlikely), 8X is on the way out.


Verbatim hasn’t stopped producing 8x DVD media completely.

Verbatim Europe has recently announced the availability of 8x DVD-R (MCC 02RG20) media with ScratchGuard protection a.k.a. Hard Coat Protection.

This media is of course considerably more expensive than plain non-printable DVD-R media, but if you somehow need 8x DVD-R and you don’t mind paying a premium for the scratch protection, then this might be a choíce for you.

I have seen one on-line retailer in Germany already carrying this media in stock.


If those are MIS they would be even better.
As you most likely know, Pearl Whites should be avoided, they are CMC and Ritek (!).


There is no difference (besides the speed) between the face of 8x Verbs and 16x, I have both. The 16x ones burnt well even at 4x in my BenQ1640.


There is. The newer non-DataLifePlus ones have a crappy-looking Arial-like font saying “16x Certified” on the disc while the older DataLifePlus ones use the speed-rating font which was also used for 8x media.


…and I’m looking for those Verbatim ‘Movie’ DVDs but cannot find any. :frowning:


I have not seen them kg, though having a closer look at mine the only difference is capacity and speed are larger on the 16x.

Though I have to say looking for 8x just because you want them all to look the same is a tad on the extreme side.


digitalpromo still have 25 spindle non printable verbs instock, MCC 02RG20 dye.


Thanks for the pointer JMY.

…But soon I won’t be able to get them at all (bar the silly scatchguard ones)? I’ll have to pay for the 16x speed stuff right?


If you want to garauntee it being MCC then yes you will.


Do you know who the 16x speed ones are made by?

Or if they keep doing the pearly ones? Who does them?


Pearlwhite = Ritek
You can find Vebatim as made in Tiwan and India.


Pearl Whites can also be CMC.
16x speed ones are made by MCC themselves, CMC, Prodisc and MBI with MCC code.


Can they that sounds interesting. Whats the MID?

I ask as I don’t see 8x for sale anymore, except for RiDisc.


According to another thread, apparently the -Rs can be CMC MAG. AE1 :slight_smile:

Edit: And according to this thread, the +Rs can also be CMC MAG. E01.


Using the VideoHelp DVD Media list search function to see which MID and results people have with different media can be very useful.

Here’s the search result for Verbatim 8x 4.7GB media:



Won’t be getting those then.

16x it is! Thanks for all the help everyone, I’d come to rely on only Verb 8x silvers as they were always MCC or TY so it’s good to know that the 16x are safe, and that the pearlies aren’t - and that Videohelp fuction is VERY helpful too.

Kudos all round. :smiley:


No such luck… I saw these “Hard Coat Protection” at Media Markt this week and they were MIT.