Have VCDEasy, Cucusoft, tmpgenc, virtualdub

I have some avi files. I normally use tmpgenc to convert them to mpeg-1 for burning as a vcd with vcdeasy. Or I use Cucusoft if TMPGenc cannot convert the file (like when I have audio problems in the encoded file).
If I have some synch problems I extract the audio and then feed the audio and video files to tmpgenc, sometimes it works. But what I want to know now is how do I create index points in the movie (are these called titles) where I can forward and reverse the disk to by using the next and previous buttons of my dvd player?

I don’t think you can add chapter points with TMPGenc, you have to use TMPGenc DVD Author but it doesn’t let you create vcds. Once you click on ‘edit clip’ it gives you the option to add chapters. If you want to create a fancier vcd with chapters and a menu look at VCD Menu Lite and this tutorial

There’s an option in VCDEasy to add chapters points at defined intervals when it creates the VCD/SVCD bin file. It’s on the Chapters tab against VideoCD Authoring.

I have a new question. When I tried to convert an avi file using tmpgenc, for some reason the video got converted but not the audio. So in the encoded file, there was no audio when i played it. Whats going on, and how do i fix this? Also, I do have to use tmpgenc to convert the file before i can burn it with VCDEasy, right?

The answer is easy: Either no suitable codec is installed or it is VBR audio which has to be converted to CBR first.
Just use VirtualDub.

@shashgo: please don’t create new threads for the same problem.

You should at least try chef’s suggestion and report back, because it’s a good one.

i tried it, tried to use virtual dub, but it gave me an error when i tried to open the file. Said cannot find xvid compressor, so I downloaded that. Then before doing the virtualdub extraction routine, i tried again to encode a file with tmpgenc and lo and behold the audio also came through on the encoded file. I was succesfully able to burn the file to cd with vcdeasy.

thanks guys

Why do you always create new threads? You shouldn’t do that.

For VirtualDub are many good guides available, eg. http://www.videohelp.com/guides.php?guideid=238

thanks, ya , sorry for creating new threads. Anyways, i had to download the xvid codec for virtualdub to take my file