Have to rip over 1000 Cds (Drive Needed)



As stated in the title i have to rip lots and lots of CDs and i need to choose a really good drive as i will be ripping for archive purposes (Wav Pack). the current drive i have in my rig is the crappy HP that came with the tower and it reads really slow. now i have my eye on a few (2 Optiarc and 3 Lite-On) but i am having a really hard time with it all now i know how lazy this sounds but i have been reading for while now and have yet to get any closer to finding a clear winner and i fear i have missed a few excellent drives and all i am looking for is a drive that can hopefully read lead ins and lead outs and give me the best possible read to recreate a perfect match image for image and at the same time since i have to do so many Cds something that can read many different types of media (CD-R CD-RW and so on) with good speed. now i know most drives do both dvd/cd and i don’t care one way or another if it can do both cause all i am gonna use it for is CDs. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


From my experience, Renesas based LG drives and NEC/Optiarcs are good and fast (audio) CD rippers.
Ripping 1000 discs is heavy load for these cheaply made consumer drives, so I expect some drives (regardless of brand and manufacturer) to fail on that road. So you should take some replacements into your consideration.

What helps, is letting the drive cool down after ripping one disc, so you should have at least two drives installed.



[QUOTE=mciahel;2526266]What helps, is letting the drive cool down after ripping one disc, so you should have at least two drives installed.[/QUOTE] I second that, having ripped 700+ CDs using two drives. :iagree:


see LG That is a manufactutor that i didn’t even look at as far as ripping CDs but with that said i would say that speed isn’t the most important thing just something that is a bonus if you will and if i did go as far as buying 2 diffferent drives should i go with 2 different models?


Two different drive models will provide the advantage, that each drive may be able to read a damaged disc that the other drive cannot read, since there are different kinds of damage and each drive may have its strengths and weaknesses.