Have the 24x plex, having problems

Hello fellow burners, for some reason I cant get my plextor
to burn mp3s from my files on to disc ,is there a way for my plex
to burn music? without using adaptech? also i need to know what
latest and newest Lite on burner i should purchase so i can copy
Safe Disk version 2 2.511 or something like that! i appreciate everyone opinions and suggestions. BURN THE WORLD !!:cool:

Try to install the latest VIA 4-in-1 Driver such as 4.37. Cause if you have a MVP4 chipset you can’t make AUDIo compilation.
I noticed this problem on my friend’s PC.:wink:

how about letting me know where and how to get
what you listed, thanks dude:cool:

Try It!
I’ve seen that the latest release is 4.38


Direct link to 4.38 download