Have Plextor sent my drive to Italy? I dont't live there!

Hi after some research I found out my Plextor PX-716A was broken and still on warranty . I live in England so it has 2year pickup & return :cool: I went through the process & to cut a long story short they sent me out a new one. This is where I start to worry. They gave me a email with a link to DHL tracking this link didn’t seem to work for the first few days. I have just clicked on it and get this?


Bigger Image


What do you guys make of it, I’m confused :confused: I can’t tell if the parcel has been delivered to Italy as it would certainly seem. Or is it in Birmingham - UK? I live in Bedfordshire.
It looks like I with have to contact Plextor but I just wanted to get some opinion’s before I did.

Looks as if it was delivered to someone in Milan Italy…I’d make sure geno hasn’t got it.

Thanks for the reply. Yes the more I look at it I think It’s gone to Italy? Whos geno?

Crazy drive just just turned up! It’s a PX-755A :clap: hope it works lol

Maybe they simple gave you the wrong (someone elses) tracking-no.? What no. was on the package you received?

Hi hwp the number (Airway Bill Number) on the package is 1776869662 which matches the number on the tracking form in the pictures I posted. WOW I’m confussed but happy. They have sent me a PX-755A to replace the PX-716A. I’m gonna get to work doing a few tests to make sure the drive is tiptop. But on first impressions it seems brand new.

It traveled though Italy, but look at the dates. It’s not in chronological order.

Just a tracking/software error from the DHL software.
If it really would be transferred to Italy you would probably see Amsterdam or Frankfurt Airport etc. as a tracking station.

My guess is the Milan stations belong to any other package and the tracking software somehow mixed them up.

Glad you finally got your drive…happy burning.