Have pitie on newbie




I settled on my 3rd DVD burner after having major issues with 401S and HPi300. The former wouldn’t install XP from drive and the later would not burn DVD’s that were split using DVD fab.

I thought I had the perfect burner with my 411S.

So I started burning… and burning… and burning…
I must have burned hundreds of DVDs. I haven’t seen any till today… oh my god. the horror. the horror. The problem is this.
A lot of the DVDs (at least 33% of the onces I checked) freeze towards the end of the movie (like last 5-10 mins). I had no idea about the firmware upgrade nor stuff like Kprobe or DVDinfoPro that I just found out about.

I had been using what I thought to be name brand DVD+Rs like Memorex, TDK and Fuji.

So what should i do to prevent this debacle?

  1. firmware update to FS0F
  2. burn on RicohJPNR01

Anything else?

p.s. How can I tell if the Memorex or TDK 50 spindle I am about to buy is Ricoh or the dreaded CMC.

any advice would be most welcome. at least send a tissue for a stupid newbie.


btw, I use. DVD decrypter 3.1.9, DVD shrink 2.3 and COPYtoDVD

The problematic copy was made on TDK 4x DVD+r (richojpnr01)
I ran DVDinfoPro on it and it was just hashing out continuous errors at 86%.

I copied the same movie onto my Memorex DVD+rw and no errors (Phillips 041).

I thought the Ricohjpnr01 is supposed to be good for 411S…


I use DVD shrink ,Image classic tool ,DVD decrypter to burn from a ISO image. I believe it’s the media you are using i used sony maxwell and memorex and burned nothing but errors. I updated to fsoj bought a 50 pack of vebamin at sam’s club witch are Ritek disk and had 25 + burns come out perfect. Reading this site seems to me ritek dvd’s are the best media for our drives. You choose what firmware to use i have fsoj others claim fsoh is better for DVD-r. Hope this helps.


I think you were unlucky and got a poor batch of riteks. That can happen. You could do a Kprobe to see if that is the case.


use bit setting tool on DVD+R media and set it DVDROM. See how it works. I have problems with all DVD -R on my Panasonic DVD Player but when I burn DVD +R with DVDROM bit setting it works perfectly on my Panasonic Player.