Have PayPal sneak charged me?



Ive just become PayPal verified where they have to phone your house etc and put 2 small amounts of money in your account etc, anyway ive just noticed that £2.50 is gone from my bank account it will take up to a week for my bank to show who’s taken it but it was a few hours after i’d done all that confirmation stuff from PayPal so it might be them, do they sneak charge £2.50 when you sign up? it always says its free? and yes its a free account not a business one etc


They nab it to see that your bank is real I think…


this is odd, what if i had a direct debit (which i do) ready to come out the next day i’d be charged £40 by my bank for a failed direct debit because there wasnt enough money in the account, paypal didnt mention any of this when i signed up


Looks like they charged me for adding my visa electron card which i had to do to become verified, i had to go into search to find this, there was no mention of this when i added the card nothing at all not a sausage, and it still deosnt say how much they charge just that they charge an expanded use fee or some other BS apparently i might be able to get it back if i provide some code which will mean more searching to find out what this code is where it is and what i do with it.


They do it to give you a verification number.

The number that appears on the withdrawal from your account is your verification number, which must be entered at paypal before your account can be seriously used.

Bank statement list:
Paypal #294489 $2.50

When you next sign in to paypal, they will ask you for the verification no#, which is 294489.

They give you paypal credit for what they took out of your account.
So if they took $2.50, and you pay $30 for a paypal purchase, they will only take $27.50 for the first payment.

It is in the conditions when you sign up.
hint Read the conditions thoroughly before you sign up.


Of course it is in the fine print otherwise someone could sue them and they wouldnt like that.


thats odd because it didnt mention any of this and i can use my account properly as its classed as verified, for verification they placed two small payments into my account and i had to tell them what they were then they phoned my home number and i tapped a code in that appeared on screen then i had to add my visa electron card then i was classed as verified, i phoned them and they told me that they take $1 when you add a new card and my bank charges me £1.50 plus a percentage ontop of that for $ transactions, i thought paypal UK delt in GBP obviously not so now i pay my bank nearly £2 for a 60p transaction rediculous, if only they’d have mentioned this and yes i always read the small print.


Aye … which is why I linked it to My CC, rather than any bank accounts.

Banks are a rip-off, now that they’ve been deregulated…
Of course that’s only in .Au
I feel certain they’re all honest in the rest of the world :wink:


even if you get paypal verified you still need another verification including your passport/driving licence once you have sent/received $4500, a verified paypal account doesn;t really mean much, paypal can freeze your account at anytime for whatever reason, and take your money.

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well as it goes it turns out the money went into the process of coming out of my account but (according to my bank) whoever tried to withdraw the money didnt have authority to do so therefore the money didnt leave my account although they didnt know who it was who tried to take it but they said its certainly possible it was paypal testing to see if they could make a transaction.