Have ordered a copy protected CD ... need advice on trying to rip it

I have just purchased, online, a copy-protected CD. I don’t like doing that, but it’s the only way I can get this particular CD (it’s from Australia, has the EMI copy protection, it’s the Seekers’ original singles in mono).

I am going to want to at least attempt to rip this CD onto my computer to compress the files into Ogg Vorbis for use on my digital audio player.

I have done some searches to try to find info here on doing this, have found some help. However, I’ve not found a specific thread, tutorial, etc., for trying to do this with EAC, which I’m experienced in using. How exactly do I need to reconfigure my EAC setup to try to do this? How exactly do I bypass the autorun which is supposedly on this and will attempt to download something onto my computer to play the disc? For the particular EMI copy protection (this disc is from 2004), would it be better to use CloneCD or another program instead of EAC? Also, I have two ripping capable drives on my computer (two-year-old Dell), a TEAC DVD drive and a Philips DVD-RW drive, each configured for EAC, but I’ve seen some posts where Lite-On drives supposedly work better for this task. I do have an external Lite-On burner, would it be better to try that?

If I have to, I can go line-in from a CD deck to the soundcard and catch the audio using Audacity or CD Wave Editor, but I’d rather rip the thing if at all possible.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Hey, never did hear back from anyone on this, but the CD came today, I launched EAC, made sure Autorun was still turned off on my computer, popped the CD in and was able to extract perfect audio from the disc (used the Philips DVD-RW that came with my Dell computer) without doing anything special. I extracted the WAVs first then manually converted them to Ogg Vorbis for use on my digital player, didn’t try a direct extraction/compression just to be on the safe side. So this copy protection wasn’t very much copy protection at all. :smiley:

Glad that everything went ok.
There are only a couple of protections that are worthy of being called that, most can be easily overcome.